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How to match short women's clothes to become tall in early autumn?

How can a short woman match her clothes to be tall in early autumn? It's very skillful to match her clothes in autumn. How can a short woman wear a sense of height. Wearing a perfect body, but it needs the skills of clothing collocation, lengthening the proportion of the body, looking more tall in the vision. Xiaobian recommends several styles of autumn clothes to show their height and make them more perfect.

Mingyuan temperament lace coat, thin, sweet Department mm should be able to wear very fairy, button is false button, just decoration, can't button, is open to wear. It looks good with a dress.

Chiffon medium sleeve white shirt, the upper body is super good-looking, and it's easy to build. It's very good-looking with overalls. It has the taste of forest girl, and it can also be sweet. It's easy to build a sweater outside. White Chiffon single layer will be transparent, with a small vest, it's good. Don't put the hem of the shirt into the waist to make it look higher visually.

Lace medium sleeve T-shirt, light apricot, warm feeling, sweet wind. Neckline white bow tie design, very atmosphere, light color, sweet and lovely, fresh and elegant, with a little lady temperament. It's more romantic and beautiful to wear a leather cake skirt.

British style striped long sleeve T-shirt, baby collar is very special, like petals, the whole collar is like a sunflower. Standard British college style, this kind of stripe matches everything good-looking, short skirt, shorts, very atmospheric and sweet dress.

Khaki sweet cape coat, lace neckline, loose version, for thin and slim, is undoubtedly the best style, this small Cape, for the petite girl, absolutely can wear a big brand model, very elegant atmosphere, no matter what collocation can highlight the elegant temperament.

Lace Crochet cardigan, with a dress is very good-looking, you can also match T-shirt shorts, color is often seen in cotton and hemp Crochet cardigan Color, very simple color, with vest T-shirt, it is perfect, in order to show height, lower body can only match short pants or skirt oh.

British style blue jacket, round neck with the design of turning over, very good-looking, fresh and natural, with suspender vest inside and pleated skirt underneath, with distinct layers, is very popular in early autumn.

Japanese small coat, very beautiful, collar and purse edge are inlaid with lace, lace is still the more delicate kind, denim thickness is moderate, not too thin, so the upper body is still stylish, with a short shawl skirt is also very good-looking.