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How to wear trendy winter clothes

The fashion styles were released in 2012. How do trendsetters wear winter clothes? 2012 cotton padded clothes, sweaters and coats are all necessary clothes this winter. It's warm and fashionable. It shows your temperament when you wear it. It is recommended that the fashion style of 2012 should be skillfully worn by trendsetters in winter.

Work clothes, cotton padded jacket, military green, the popular style and style this year. Plush lapels are warm and handsome. Irregular oblique button design, very exquisite. Wear it with ripped jeans and lace up boots.

Leather lace up coat is a handsome dress. It's very popular to wear it. Pair it with jeans for a simple look. This coat is very textured. It also shows grade on the body. More importantly, it is very versatile.

The pure color exquisite cotton clothes and hooded design are warm and comfortable, making the lines more clear, giving people a very flexible texture. The slim straight version is very thin. Just wear a sweater and tight pants and snow boots.

Fresh green cotton coat. The color of this coat is very bright. It feels like spring and is particularly eye-catching. The waist style shows the waist. Pair it with skinny jeans and lace up boots for a cool look.

Coffee color hooded waist closing coat, waist folds, waist closing, which shows the waist, this color shows the temperament. Match with white sweater, black tights, boots, elegant atmosphere.

The cloak style is a medium and long suit coat, which is very close to the clothing. The perfect package makes the body lines more three-dimensional. The delicate fabrics and gray colors reflect the fashionable retro style. The novel and fashionable design collocation makes the clothes more elegant. Wear it with black leather pants.

The coat made of dark gray woolen fabric, crisp and thick fabric, is very warm to wear. The exquisite and stylish large lapel design gives people a very novel and capable color and perfect tailoring to create charming slender lines. Match with shirt, sweater and pencil pants, fashionable and tasteful.

Black double breasted lace up coat, especially slim style, atmospheric fashion. The long version is elegant and elegant, with white sweater, black pantyhose and black boots, showing elegant and feminine flavor.

Blue gingham patterned cotton clothes are matched with red tight pants and lace up Martin boots. The color matching is fashionable and has a taste. This matching has a neutral taste. Girls who like neutral style must put it in the wardrobe.

Leopard print jacket, hooded style, fashionable and stylish, knitted stitched cuffs and bottom hem, very narrow waist, high waist style design, very tall figure, with white medium and long bottomed shirt, black pantyhose and long boots. Xiaobian's recommendation: is it suitable for fat people to wear cloaks? What does a fat man look good with a cloak and coat

The fashion styles were released in 2012. How do trendsetters wear winter clothes? 2012 popular clothing styles are recommended to you. Let's see what's popular in 2012!