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How to choose between Pisces' bread and love?

How to choose between the bread and love of Pisces? Pisces is like the protagonist and heroine in a love novel, who does nothing every day and can live only by falling in love. If love and bread do not have the best of both worlds, most Pisces will choose love without hesitation.

Pisces love is very romantic, not only gentle and thoughtful, but also full of imagination. Pisces, like the protagonists and heroines in love novels, does nothing every day, and can live only by falling in love.

Therefore, Pisces you, of course, hope that he is also full of love and romance good lover, can perfectly present your dream. If he is just a layman full of bread, but he doesn't understand the customs, he is bound to become the terminator of your dream, which will make your life become hopeless. It's boring.

There is a saying that "people don't overindulge young people". It takes courage to choose romantic love. In addition to my admiration for your courage, I also want to remind you that when you choose love, you should have perseverance to face the pressure of reality.

Unfortunately, Pisces has a weak willpower. When you choose love dramatically, it may be followed by dramatic pressure. Think about it. If you are so hungry that you only eat one tea egg per meal, or you are locked up by your parents, or you are sent to study abroad, can you also be like the protagonist in a novel movie, persevere in the end and persevere?

It's hard to choose love. It's more difficult to insist on loving without regrets. Pisces, once you decide to sacrifice for love, you must have a strong will, otherwise, easily give up in the future inevitable regret.