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Analysis of Pisces' personality

People think you are quiet, gentle, sincere and considerate, but your thoughts are so far-reaching. You don't have the absolute sense of desire, passion, and hatred that you have in some constellations. There is little sense of urgency in mind.

You don't understand why you can continue to do things tomorrow. You must seize the time to finish them today. Your body is prone to fatigue. The noise, the hustle and bustle of the crowd, the rush and the urgency of the pace of life will make you exhausted. If there is no more stimulating influence of Mars or Uranus in your chart of birth, your inattention will become inert.

You always keep a kind of naive, loyal temperament. Generally speaking, if you don't have too many adverse factors of Saturn in your chart of birth, and you encounter the situation that Jupiter or Venus are in the ideal position, you will often be taken care of by luck: unexpected things, sudden opportunities, and happy personality will be beneficial to you.