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How to massage to reduce eye wrinkles? Massage to remove expression lines, restore smooth skin

How to massage to reduce eye wrinkles? Massage to remove expression lines and restore smooth skin? Moderate massage can effectively prevent, reduce and remove eye wrinkles and expression lines. If you want to restore tight skin, regular massage is also a good way!

According to the introduction of beauty experts, if we can often touch the face, it can play a role in relieving muscle pressure, which helps to avoid the generation of expression lines. Because through the action of hand caressing the skin, it can effectively distract the attention of nerve conduction, relax the muscles, and prevent the production of expression lines. At the same time, we can also apply appropriate massage to the places where the expression lines are easy to appear, such as brow, eye tail and mouth corner, which can also effectively prevent and remove the expression lines. Next, let's see how massage can prevent the removal of facial wrinkles.

Step 1: first, show your neck by looking up at the sky. Then use the back of the hand to massage the neck smoothly in the direction of up and down and then left and right, so as to completely relax the neck.

Step 2: start from the mandible position, gently press upward with the index finger and middle finger, and slightly clamp the facial tissue to the earlobe position. The massage should be repeated at least five times.

Step 3, use the belly of the index finger and middle finger to massage from the bridge of the nose along the cheek to the upper part of the ear. Hold on for ten seconds and then massage back from the opposite direction.

Step 4, then use the forefinger and middle finger to make a "V" victory gesture. Then close your eyes and gently massage back and forth with your finger. This massage method can not only prevent and remove expression lines, but also eliminate bags under the eyes!

Step 5. Finally, according to the width of your forehead, gently massage your forehead back and forth with 3 or 4 fingers. To slowly massage from one temple to the other, this massage can help you remove the extra texture from your face.

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