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What harm does long-term stay up late have? How does female often stay up late skin maintain?

What's the harm of staying up late for a long time? How to maintain the skin of women who often stay up late? For women, staying up late often not only means the disorder of sleep rhythm, but also the enemy of whitening and skin care. So, how do women often stay up late to maintain their skin? Sihai female editor shares with you how to maintain their skin!

Nowadays, more and more women complain about abnormal menstruation. There are always a few days in a month. They are anxious because of delayed menstruation or abnormal menstrual volume. Have you ever thought about it? Irregular life and staying up late are also one of the reasons for irregular menstruation. They are also the enemies of aging women.

According to the survey, women who often disturb the biological clock and stay up late are twice as likely to have irregular menstruation as those who work and rest regularly. Dysmenorrhea and mood swings are also common. This is because staying up late violates the biological law. When people's biological clock is in disorder, it will lead to a series of endocrine dysfunction, and then affect women's ovulation cycle. Ovulation cycle is disrupted, menstruation may appear irregular.

Therefore, female friends can try not to stay up late. If you really want to stay up, you should try to make up for your sleep during the day, and adjust your biological clock according to your needs. If the body adapts to the life of "black and white reversal", the sleep quality during the day can also be guaranteed, and the endocrine will return to normal, and the adverse effects on the body will be reduced accordingly.

Women often stay up late, how to maintain the skin, of course, and normal sleep people are different. Next, we will often stay up late how to maintain the skin this problem, to introduce four skin beauty methods, for reference.

1. Give plenty of water

If the skin is short of water, it will look dry. In people who often stay up late, it is easy to cause water loss due to lack of sleep, so it is particularly important to supplement water. In staying up late, should pay attention to let indoor air keep unobstructed and have certain humidity. If we can not change the quality of the environment, we should pay more attention to nursing. Using the lotion containing enough water and nutrients, it is easy to absorb the skin and effectively isolate the skin pollution caused by some bad air particles.

2. Calmness in the noise

Due to the lack of sleep, drinking strong tea or coffee, alcohol and other methods to maintain excitement is used by people who sleep late. However, it is easy to have dark circles under the eyes, bags under the eyes and dull skin. So, how to maintain the skin often staying up late? A careful woman should know how to cover her tired face in noisy social activities or busy work, such as using cotton swab dipped in cool saline to compress the skin around her eyes, or wetting the towel and handkerchief with running water, and then applying it on her face for about 3-5 minutes.

3. Staying up late but not washing up late

Generally speaking, the skin's work and rest time is between 10:00 to 11:00 in the evening to enter the evening maintenance state. Normal people in the evening between 10:00 and 11:00 is the preparation stage before bedtime, physical and mental relaxation, quiet look, this is a good time for the skin to absorb nutrients. Often stay up late in this period of time, if conditions must be a skin cleaning and maintenance. After cleansing with mild cleansing products, apply the foregoing moisturizing and nourishing lotion, so that the skin can not normally get into sleep in the next stage, but it can also get nourishment and moisture supplement.

4. Pay attention to dinner before going to bed late

The skin in the case of not getting enough sleep, there will be excessive loss of nutrition, in the dinner to add more food containing vitamin C or collagen, help the skin to restore elasticity and luster. Food rich in collagen, such as' animal skin ', a large number of fruits are rich in vitamin C, or oral 1-2 vitamin C tablets. Dinner should be less spicy food to prevent excessive evaporation of water in the skin.

Finally, experts remind that staying up late is not only the enemy of skin beauty, but also extremely harmful to physical and mental health, which can easily lead to sleep rhythm disorder, and then cause neurasthenia, insomnia and other diseases. Therefore, if you have to stay up late frequently, you should not only care about how to maintain your skin, but also adjust your body and mind to avoid some diseases.

What's the harm of staying up late for a long time? women's beauty and skin care channel explains how to maintain women's skin. I hope it can help women who love beauty!