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How to protect skin in autumn? What problems should we pay attention to in autumn?

In autumn, skin care work has entered a new stage. How to protect skin in autumn? What problems should be paid attention to in autumn skin care? Mm over 25 years old may find that they seem to be much older than before. Yes, after 25, the skin state is not as good as before, especially after the summer sun exposure, the old state appears. How to anti-aging? Let me show you some misunderstandings in autumn skin care!

Myth 1: focus only on that fine line

Error correction: it is a good thing to have a sense of prevention, but if you use too much material for your skin, you will not only bear too much burden, but also have no effect at all.

It is particularly important to reduce the burden on the skin. We see many young girls who are full of face and face but have poor skin quality. There are also many women who are covered with many kinds of skin care products and essence, but also face acne. What's the reason? Because the skin also has fatigue time, also breathe, breathe and rest. Therefore, experts advocate that the skin needs to do subtraction beauty. The so-called subtractive beauty is deep cleaning (you can go to the beauty salon) to remove all the grease, acne, dirt and cosmetic residues accumulated in the deep pores. Regular deep purification can make the skin better absorb nutrients and moisture, and lay the foundation for the internal health of the skin.

Myth 2: everything is OK with expensive top products

Error correction: expensive products are naturally superior to low price products in efficacy. But if you can't figure out your skin problems, you simply think that the more expensive antiaging products will be effective, which will easily cause heavy burdens or allergies. This is a very common case in Department of dermatology clinics.

Over the age of 25, you begin to feel that your skin is going downhill, so you buy the top-grade skin care products suitable for your mother, but it doesn't necessarily have a good effect on your skin. At the age of 25, what you need to do is add a few old products to your skin care program instead of being obsessed with efficiency and top quality. The significance of resistance to aging does not mean that only highly nutritious products are effective. Each major skin care brand subdivides the skin care products into several series, in order to meet the needs of different people from the aspects of age, skin quality and skin problems.