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What is Zhu Yin's secret of skin care?

As one of the heroines in the play, what is Zhu Yin's skin care secret? Today's Xiumei Xiaobian reveals Zhu Yin's skin care secret.

Zhu Yin, who has not been seen for a long time in the story of two dragons in the Tang Dynasty, is still so young and beautiful at the age of 40. Compared with Ying caier, another heroine in the biography of two dragons in the Tang Dynasty, she is not old at all. How does the young goddess Zhu Yin keep such a young and beautiful appearance by taking care of her skin.

Change the mask every night.

Zhu Yin, who has been beautiful for many years, has her own experience in skin care. She will change her mask every night and love the natural skin care products. Athena Chu said, "I will apply different mask every night, for example, apply water tonight, and apply it tomorrow. Vitamin C will be applied on the day after tomorrow. I will use protein and milk on the face, and egg yolk is used to make facial mask. It will not be wasted. The ingredients are natural enough!

Although the sexy goddess Zhu Yin is nearly 40 years old, her charm is still there, and people can't help but sigh at her skincare skills in anti-aging and moisturizing.

Like light base make-up, let skin breathe

Athena Chu revealed that every summer, the foundation will be thinner and dry, so that the skin will not be so stuffy. The skin will not be so stuffy. The most important thing is that the skin OK is not enough to use the very thick powder. I love bath very much, because wearing high heels is very hard at ordinary times and sweating after soaking, the whole person will relax a lot, and the feet will not be so tired.

A healthy mindset is also important

Speaking of her healthy skin color, Zhu said that in addition to the necessary skin care, a healthy attitude is also very important. At her age, anti wrinkle is the biggest problem, but I can't be demanding, and I can be as perfect as I am in my twenties. I can be open-minded and open-minded, and people will naturally send out happy and ruddy beauty. Just like this love dog, although she is very sad, she knows that it is inevitable to get together and leave, as long as she believes that the dog in heaven may be better. In this way, people will naturally relax. People can't always remember the past. They have to look forward.

Exercise and yoga to maintain good posture

Exercise and yoga is Zhu Yin to maintain a good posture, maintain a perfect figure must kill skills. The sweating brought by exercise will make all kinds of things in life seem to be gradually reduced with the consumption of energy. After exercise, people will be happy a lot. Yoga focuses on self-cultivation, which can control emotions and regulate endocrine. At this age, we should pay more attention to women's health and maintain a stable mentality in order to have better beautiful homework!

Love is also Zhu Yin's secret weapon to keep her youth

Talking about another secret weapon of eternal youth, Zhu Yin said shyly: that is love. He and Huang Guanzhong had a stable relationship for many years. He didn't get married. That is to say, he didn't grow up. He also liked to be spoiled in the palm of his hand. His boyfriend was very careful and cherished himself. Over the years, he always knew that his temper was not good. However, under the careful care of love, he had begun to mature, knew how to cherish each other and understand that it was not easy to pay. The most important thing in my life now is the moistening of love and the warmth of kinship.