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Comprehensive skin care to prevent oxidation and restore luster

Beauty tip: oxidation makes your face lose its luster, so it will look dull and listless after a day's work. Therefore, if you want to have a good complexion, skin antioxidant maintenance is very important. So how to prevent oxidation in an all-round way, so that you can restore your luster? In this paper, I will teach you how to do a good job in antioxidant maintenance from the perspective of 'clothing, food, housing and transportation'.

Yi: be careful not to let yourself cold

If the body is cold, the blood tends to stagnate, and if the blood flow is not smooth, the energy in the body can not moisturize the skin, and the skin will not be angry. What's more, when the body's blood gas energy is not enough, there is not enough energy to clean up the waste inside the body, and how many highly effective antioxidant products can't help.

Food: improve diet, eat young skin

The top 10 anti-aging foods are avocados, berries, cruciferous vegetables, garlic, ginger, nuts, soybeans, high fiber whole wheat, watermelon and nuts. Polyphenols are recognized as one of the strongest antioxidants with the best anti-aging effect. The polyphenols in purple grape juice are not only higher than other fruit juices, but also have many kinds of polyphenols, while orange juice contains relatively less polyphenols. Dark chocolate contains a natural antioxidant 'flavine', the main active components of tea polyphenols and tea pigments, have a strong antioxidant effect.

Living: give skin a good environment

First of all, we must go to bed early and get up early. Sleep is the best and most important way to replenish blood gas, even more important than food tonic. In addition, you must remember to wash your face before going to bed, because the radiation from the computer will produce dust adsorbed on the face at any time. There is also a time when work is busy, staying up late or under great pressure, that is, when the body's antioxidant capacity is declining. At this time, by concentrating essence of healthy food, it can also concentrate a large amount of supply of antioxidant capacity.

OK: isolation, sun protection and aerobic exercise are essential

Sunscreen can't be ignored 365 days a year! In addition to blocking UVA / UVB at the same time, sunscreen products with antioxidant ingredients such as vitamin C, grape seed or green tea extract are added. If there is no such ingredient in your favorite sunscreen product, then smear the essence or emulsion containing antioxidants before sunscreen can also have the same effect.

With aerobic exercise, such as jogging, aerobics, yoga, swimming are good. On the other hand, we should also strengthen the specialized skin movement, that is to massage the skin often, which is also conducive to the acceleration of circulation and metabolism.

Use: antioxidant skin care products day and night

Skin needs to rely on the role of antioxidants in skin care products to remove free radicals and antioxidation, as long as we grasp and select products with many kinds of oxidation components, comprehensive anti free radical mechanism, and both lipid soluble and water-soluble antioxidants.