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Whitening method of talent

Various whitening methods emerge one after another, we summarize several simple and commonly used methods to add beautiful colors to your beautiful life!

Method one: wash face alternately with cold and hot water can make the skin clean and has the effect of shrinking pores.

Method 2: before going to bed, cut the cucumber on your face and take it down after a few minutes. This is a very effective whitening method proved by practice.

Method 3: drink more water, don't stay up late, eat less fried food, and keep skin clean, which is an important step in skin whitening, and also the basis of many whitening methods.

Method 4: before going to bed with cheap cotton pad and make-up water, wet completely, apply on the face for about 10 minutes, three times a week, can make your skin clear and white.

Method 5: before going out to wipe the isolation cream and sunscreen, remember to remove makeup at night, this is a key step in the whitening method.