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You must know the little knowledge of facial cleanser

There are so many functions of facial cleanser in the market. Some people have questions. Does facial cleanser really have so many advantages? Do you want to know the little knowledge of facial cleanser?

Q: does the anti aging cleansing cream and whitening cleansing cream on the market really have the effect of anti aging and whitening?

Facial cleanser is used to clean the skin. In addition to the demands and selling points of cleaning, it is only a means of marketing. The time that facial cleanser stays on the skin is usually less than 2 minutes. What surprises can you expect from facial cleanser in this short time. As long as it can do a good job of gently taking away the dirt on the face, other beautiful expectations are left to follow-up maintenance products to be responsible for it.

Q: I like the fragrant facial cleanser, but my friend said that the strong fragrance means that a lot of chemical spices are added, which is not good for the skin, right?

There is a certain reason, but there are many kinds of spices, including plants and chemicals. No matter what kind of perfume is the additive that can easily cause skin sensitivity, adding too much is indeed easy to cause sensitivity. But I don't know how fragrant you are talking about. You can try to change your facial cleanser with a lighter fragrance. This not only satisfies the sense of smell, but also is better for the skin.

Q: magazines and experts always emphasize the pH value of facial products. Why?

Because the pH value determines the pH value of the cleanser. The alkaline Cleanser (PH9 ~ 10) is definitely not good for the skin. Only neutral and weak acid cleanser is a good cleanser that can clean the skin without stimulating and damaging the sebum membrane.

Q: is alkaline cleanser really bad for skin?

According to various literature and skin science arguments, alkali can dissolve keratin, which is not conducive to skin flora balance. Therefore, the old easy situation, often have rashes, dry rough and other problems, so we must choose neutral, weak acid cleanser.