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Summer whitening is so simple

What about tanning in summer? How to whiten the skin? How to whiten the oily skin? Have these problems bothered you for a long time? Experts suggest: use the plant ingredients rich in enzymes and fruit acids to deeply clean the pores, remove the old and waste horniness, fade the pigmentation, make the skin bright, white, transparent and full of lustrous luster.

1. First apply hot towel or steam towel to the whole face for 3-5 minutes to accelerate the floating of dirt in pores. Then use the gentle makeup remover and cleanser to clean the skin, thoroughly remove the dirt and makeup residue in the pores. Then, moisten the skin with mineral fountains to relieve the skin and body.

2, grind the pulp of about 50g papaya into fruit paste, then add 1 teaspoons of yogurt and 1 teaspoons of honey, and mix it into a mask and apply it evenly to the face. Wash with warm water after 10 minutes. Papaya and yoghurt can remove the old horniness, while honey can moisturize the skin and make the skin smooth and plump. Of course, a deep cleansing mask containing enzymes and fruit acids is also a good choice.

3, after experiencing the sun or strive for further improvement in skin brightness and brightness, you can use natural spot mask to relieve the spots and pigments. The practice is to mix the same amount of strawberry pulp with soda powder. When the mask is dried up to 8, it can be washed clean.

Finally, for the full face skin, with the bright white essence of desalination and anti oxidant effect, you will find that the permeability of the skin has been significantly improved.