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Periodic maintenance plan of menstrual skin care

First stage: menstruation

Time: from the first day to the last day of menstruation

Maintenance principle: dry skin should be hydrated first.

Changes in the body: the hormone secretion in the body drops rapidly, the body temperature also drops, and the estrogen and progesterone in the blood gradually drop to the lowest level.

Skin condition: the body moisture will be lost, so during this period, the skin is easy to be rough and dry, the blood circulation is not good, and the condition of black eye circles is aggravated. At the same time, the decrease of body temperature often leads to the weakening of metabolism, the failure of timely discharge of garbage in the body, and the dullness and lack of luster of skin color. So this period mainly lies in 'raising'.

First stage targeted maintenance plan

Targeted maintenance plan:

1. Moisturize. During menstruation, after skin cleaning in the morning and evening, you can spray the skin with moisturizing water. After thirty seconds, use paper towels to dry up, then use the mask with moisturizing effect to improve the dull water shortage. It is suggested that the mask should be applied one hour before going to bed. After applying it, the face will be absorbed gently, and the mask can be used 2 times during menstruation.

2. For the dark circles caused by excessive blood loss during menstruation, after applying the eye cream, you can use the form of circles to strengthen the massage of the eyes, so as to reduce the dark circles.

The second stage of oocyte

The second stage: egg stage

Time: 5-14 days of menstruation, lasting about 10 days

Maintenance principle: boldly use more effective skin care products.

Changes in the body: the hormone secretion is vigorous, the level of estrogen in the blood gradually rises, and the body metabolism is vigorous.

Skin condition: egg stage is the best time for skin condition. At this stage, the hormone secretion in the body increases, the content of estrogen and progesterone in the blood also rises steadily, the metabolism of the skin is stable, the blood of the skin is full, showing a delicate, smooth, white and ruddy state. At this time, when the skin is relatively 'robust', try some new beauty products.

Second stage targeted maintenance plan

Targeted maintenance plan:

1. Moisten and repair. It is the best time to nourish the skin because of its vigorous metabolism and strong absorption capacity. After cleansing, beat the skin with nourishing moisturizing water, and then apply a nutritious cream.

2. Plaque removal. This period is also a good time to deal with the spots on the face. You can use post sun repair products and spot removal products for remediation.

3. High concentration beauty products. As the skin is very healthy and resistant in this period, some skin irritating and high concentration beauty products can be applied at this time.