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How to make the skin better? Methods and skills of raising the skin in spring

How to make the skin better? Methods and skills of raising skin in spring! What are the skills to make your skin better? How to find a good way to raise your skin is a problem worth thinking about. Introduce better skin care and skin care skills. You might as well try it.

1、 Massage after exfoliation can weaken wrinkles and lines

If the cutin thickens, it is bound to affect the skin, making the skin look dull, not delicate, and even wrinkled. Therefore, exfoliation is also a key step in skin care. In the process of skin care, we must add skin beauty massage and hot compress to weaken the lines of skin wrinkles and ensure the better penetration of skin care products, so as to improve the whole skin condition.

2、 Maintain your hands and feet before going to bed

Beautiful hands and feet are also an important standard for beautiful women, so remember to provide them with enough nutrients.

Dry air and alkaline soap with strong degreasing are natural enemies of hand and foot care. They are very easy to cause skin aging and thickening of cuticle, crack and rough hands and feet, and the hands don't look delicate. The surface skin is getting more and more wrinkled, affecting beauty. Since there is almost no secretion of sebaceous glands in hands and feet, when cleaning the skin, try to choose a slightly acidic moisturizing bath milk, or even clean it with water. After cleaning, apply moisturizing nourishing hand and foot cream while it is wet.

3、 Carefully cleaning the skin can make the skin delicate

Cleaning the skin is a very important step to prevent wrinkles. Because of the bad external environment, a lot of waste gas and dust are easy to adhere to the skin, and the radiation from the computer screen is more harmful to the skin. These dirty things will make the skin lose its original elasticity, make the skin happy and aging, and even wrinkle. Therefore, we must carefully clean the skin.

4、 Focus on eye care

Read novels for a long time, surf the Internet, play computer games, watch TV dramas or stay up late. After being happy, you have to consider your eyes, because the eyes can be the most suffering. Under normal circumstances, excessive eye fatigue is easy to cause wrinkles around the corners of the eyes, and problems such as dark circles, bags under the eyes, and even eye edema. Therefore, eye care should be strengthened. It is a good practice to apply eye cream and massage the eyes to relieve fatigue for the eyes.

5、 Use skin care products or skin care products rich in vitamins

From the whitening of vitamin C to the anti-oxidation and anti-aging of vitamin E, as well as the most popular vitamin A derivatives, these can make the skin younger and whiter. Therefore, the key point of whitening the skin is to often apply nutritional cream rich in different vitamin components to give the skin rich nutrition.

6、 Adequate sleep and normal work and rest to maintain metabolism in the body

Wrinkles are the manifestation of facial skin aging. There are many reasons for skin aging, and sleep is one of the important reasons. Normal people need different sleep time with age. Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep every day. Lack of sleep, especially long-term lack of sleep, is prone to wrinkles on the face. If you use night cream to increase skin nutrition before going to bed, it can play the role of maintaining skin and preventing wrinkles.

7、 Prevent wrinkles on the forehead, corners of the eyes and lips, and do more preventive maintenance

Time is merciless. It always leaves wrinkles on people's forehead, corners of eyes and lips, so that people can know their age at a glance. Moreover, generally speaking, once these wrinkles occur, it is difficult to remove them even if we redouble our efforts. Therefore, before wrinkles occur, we should pay attention to the maintenance of these parts. It is necessary to often use anti wrinkle products and skin care products, especially eye cream and eye makeup remover to prevent wrinkles.

8、 Ultraviolet rays in non summer give birth to wrinkles, so don't forget to apply sunscreen even in spring and autumn

Nowadays, boys are also afraid of wrinkles! In particular, the ultraviolet rays in the sun will most urge people to get old. Tanning people is just a story in summer, but the sun in autumn and winter gives birth to black spots and wrinkles. Don't hesitate. Sticking to sunscreen all year round can ensure that the skin will fight wrinkles later.

9、 Use anti wrinkle makeup to brighten and fade wrinkles at the same time

Many cosmetics with the function of reducing wrinkles have appeared on the market, which is the best choice for women who like to make up every day. The new models like Revlon and Nu Skin are all good.

10、 Take care of dry skin and sensitive skin

Dry skin is prone to small wrinkles because of its dry skin, white skin and small and inconspicuous pores. Sensitive skin has shallow capillaries and thin skin, which is sensitive to external stimuli. Therefore, in skin care should be targeted. When you feel uncomfortable using some skin care products, you should try special cosmetics. For example, sensitive skin should be treated with exfoliating cream or mouth gel with little skin irritation. Exfoliation is not suitable for particularly sensitive skin.

11、 Remember to protect your vulnerable lips when making up

Unlike ordinary skin, lips have sebaceous glands that secrete oil to keep them moist. At the same time, lips belong to mucous membrane and contain only a small amount of melanin, which is not enough to resist the stimulation of sunlight. Therefore, the lips are also very vulnerable to immersion damage from the external environment, making the lips dry and cracked. At this time, besides remembering the lip balm with sunscreen factor, remember to protect your lips while making up. Using lipstick or lip gloss with moisturizing ingredients or sunscreen ingredients is a good choice.

The weather is dry in spring, and the skin should be well maintained. How to make the skin better? There are many skin care skills to teach you!