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What are the reasons for large pores and how to deal with large skin pores

What is the reason for thick pores? How to deal with thick skin pores? Growing pores make the skin unable to recover to baby like skin? Laissez faire whether to become orange skin like skin is just a problem sooner or later, so what is the reason for the enlargement of pores? What are the countermeasures?

Unhealthy hand habits

Excessive habitual cleaning of sebum secretion will not only secrete more sebum, but also physically stimulate the skin around the pores, making the pores larger and larger.


Properly and gently clean pores without vicious cleaning. After cleansing, use moisturizing toner to calm the lower pores and avoid squeezing the blockage in the pores by hand.

Acne caused by impurities in pores

Through a large amount of sebum secretion for a long time, the sebum in the pores is mixed with impurities, which is easy to lead to skin inflammation and inflammatory acne. At the same time, the pore wall will become larger.

In the treatment of acne, the widely used acne plaster is also the cause of pore expansion. There are pores that can be seen by the naked eye after the treatment of acne!


If you can't avoid using ointment to treat acne, please reduce the dosage and reduce the stimulation to pores.

Skin aging

Although there are differences according to the nature of each person's skin, after the age of 25, the skin begins to age, the skin elasticity gradually decreases, and the loss of skin elasticity around the pores leads to the expansion of pores.


Use anti-aging skin care products to enhance the shrinkage of pores and reduce the risk of pore relaxation.

For these common and easily overlooked skin problems, it is easy to solve as long as you find the right coping strategies!