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Ol how to improve skin care effect in spring

How does ol have good skin care effect in spring? 5 steps to brighten your complexion! After a busy day's work, you must remember to do skin care. To prevent skin aging and beautiful appearance, you should learn how to protect skin and make your skin glow in spring. It's easy to do it in 5 steps!

Five skin care steps to teach you how to skin care in spring

Step1 thorough cleaning and maintenance is the basis of thorough cleaning and maintenance. Only when the skin is completely clean can we better absorb subsequent maintenance products.

1. Choose a makeup remover oil or liquid suitable for your skin to do deep cleaning;

2. Use a mild cleanser to wash the residual makeup of the previous makeup remover and complete the 'secondary cleaning'.

3. The cleaning technique is very important. Gentle massage can exfoliate and accelerate the skin circulation. Follow the above methods to prepare for subsequent maintenance.

Step 2 deep discharge of toxins after cleaning the dirt of the skin, of course, it is not enough! We should know that there are many toxins in the deep layer of our face, so we can not discharge the toxins only by cleaning our face. Xiaobian suggests using vitality cream containing ingredients such as' lactic acid bacteria 'probiotics, which can help the skin discharge the deep toxins, enhance the skin's resistance, and make the dark skin no longer run to the face.

Step3 moisturizing and pore closing to the third step, your skin is already very 'hungry', so prepare a rich 'beauty meal' for it! For pore problems and moisturizing, we can strengthen pore care for the skin in a two pronged way:

1. Choose an effective moisturizing cream to replenish pores.

2. When we choose thick pores, we can use some of the essence of shrinking pores, so as to prevent the expansion of pores and protect the skin well.

Step4 eye care focuses on the skin around the eyes, which is the most delicate part of the skin, so fine lines and crow's feet will climb up your face at any time. For mature mm, using basic eye cream every day has little effect. If you want to fight against your eye problems, you should take care of your facial skin, and it is also very important to use targeted eye care products!

Step5 the biggest advantage of nourishing mask mask is to enhance the subsequent absorption and deep moisturizing of the skin. After finishing the previous work, the mask used to strengthen the nutrition of the skin is very important. Sleep mask, as the name suggests, is a sleeping mask. You can put it on for a whole night. After second days of washing your face, you will find your skin full of vitality.

A simple 5 steps can make your almost radiant and beautiful. So what are you waiting for? Come home from work and have a skin care!