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How to maintain skin at night? 5-step skin care method to maintain a good complexion

How to maintain your skin at night? 5-step skin care method to raise a good complexion! After a busy day and facing the computer radiation, the skin is already in a state of fatigue, and the skin becomes a little dark in the morning. How to restore the skin to a healthy state overnight, and do a good job of skin maintenance at night is the most important.

Step1 correct cleaning and exfoliation

Be sure to thoroughly clean your skin before any care. Choose makeup remover oil or makeup remover to clean the skin. Use a mild cleanser to complete the 'secondary cleaning', and wash away the previous makeup remover and the makeup left on the skin surface. Gently massage and exfoliate to wake up the stagnant circulation metabolism of fast sleep. In addition, by removing the old and waste cutin of the skin, remove the melanin on the surface and accumulate dirt, just like polishing glass, so that the bright red color of the skin itself can be seen out, and the external light can reflect the bright skin color.

Step2 expels toxins and solves the problem of dull muscle

First, carefully wash the perfect camouflage of the face all day. After gently massaging and exfoliating, too many toxins need to be discharged. For example, the vitality cream containing 'lactic acid bacteria' and other beneficial bacteria eliminates skin endotoxin, strengthens skin defense, purifies metabolic toxins, and solves the dull phenomenon of skin in autumn and winter.

Step3 shrink pores + moisturize, sleep out ceramic muscle

At this time, your drying and aging phenomenon has been gradually induced, mixed with pores and darkness. According to the survey, the skin problems that women over the age of 20 want to improve most are large pores, fine lines and relaxation. Especially when the pores are the most craziest, take advantage of the skin cleaning and conditioning at night, strengthen the pore care for the skin, through the high effective moisturizing cream, and add Pore Essence for pore treatment. Of course, I suggest you avoid staying up late, because the pores after staying up late are easy to experience. As a good night maintenance beauty martyr, you are absolutely ng

Step4 belongs to the eye mask, which is full of bright eyes.

The eye is the most delicate part of the skin. If you want to hide your age, the eye is the place that needs to be cared about most. Using only basic eye cream every day is no longer enough to combat your eye problems. Brighten the eye mask with light. After applying it, you can stay around the eye all night, so that the ingredients inside can slowly penetrate and purify, awaken skin cells, and make the eye mask eliminate dark circles Eye brightening effects such as edema.

Step5 good night mask, keep the nutrients overnight.

The biggest job of facial mask is to strengthen absorption, and at the same time, it can put all kinds of maintenance ingredients on the surface of skin to moisten the effect of cells in the epidermis, as well as cover the skin on the skin, so as to speed up the circulation of the skin and supply the nutrients needed by the skin quickly. When you bathe, you can easily apply the mask. Because the pores are all opened by high temperature and steam, this can quickly nourish the damaged skin during the day. You can also apply the mask evenly to your face before going to bed. You can use massage to make your skin absorb deeper and faster.

A simple 5-step skin care method can restore your skin to luster and ruddy, and a healthy and good complexion is maintained in this way!