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What is the reason why young girls have wrinkles

What is the reason why young girls have wrinkles? As soon as benmingnian comes, MM people unknowingly have wrinkles at the corners of their eyes, and small lines slowly appear at the corners of their mouths. The skin elasticity is not as good as before. It is reasonable to say that 24-year-old girls do not wrinkle so quickly. What is the reason?

With the increasing pressure of work and life, the skin that only needs simple maintenance now needs more maintenance products. Less sleep, poor quality, poor mood and unhealthy diet, but these insignificant things have become the reasons for wrinkles at the age of 24. Specifically, there are seven series in our daily work and life:

1. Long term lack of sleep: frequent lack of sleep will damage the regulatory function of the skin, resulting in haggard face and easy aging and wrinkling.

2. Excessive smoking and drinking: long term excessive smoking and drinking will accelerate the aging of the skin, resulting in premature wrinkles and make people look old and haggard.

3. Poor nutrition: if the body's nutritional status is good, the nutritional supply of the skin is sufficient, and the subcutaneous tissue is plump, wrinkles will appear late; Such as poor nutritional status, resulting in malnutrition of skin and muscle tissue, rough and loose skin, and easy to produce wrinkles.

4. Long term bad mood: often depressed, irritable and withdrawn, often showing a sad, nervous and restrained expression on the face. This expression affects the expression muscles and produces vertical or horizontal wrinkles, which makes people gradually appear the phenomenon of aging.

5. Water loss: we know that the outermost layer of the skin is the stratum corneum, which can supply water from the body or absorb water from the outside, so as to keep the skin at an appropriate moisture content. Generally speaking, the skin moisture content of 10 ~ 20% is the most appropriate. If it is lower than 10%, the skin is dry, that is, it appears rough and loose. Wrinkles will appear after a long time.

6. Incorrect face washing method: warm water of about 30 ℃ is the most suitable for face washing water. If the water temperature is too high, the sebum and water of the skin will be absorbed by the hot air, which will dry the skin and gradually wrinkle the face over time.

7. Eat too much salt: experts on the website of the French National Medical College explained that salt exists in human blood and body fluids in the form of sodium ions and chloride ions. They play a very important role in maintaining human osmotic pressure, acid-base balance and water balance. If you eat too much salt, the sodium ion in the body will increase, which will lead to the loss of water in facial cells, resulting in skin aging. Over time, wrinkles will increase.

If we can improve these situations bit by bit in life, go to bed early every day, squeeze some time for breakfast, don't eat so salty at lunch, and want to be open when we encounter unhappy things. Being unhappy is a day, and being happy is also a day. The key lies in how we choose to be a happy and virtuous woman.

Why do young girls grow wrinkles? Many people don't understand that wrinkles grow so quickly at a young age? What shall I do? In fact, there are many reasons for wrinkles. I believe you know the reasons for the above analysis?