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How to restore skin luster after the Spring Festival is very important

How to restore skin luster after the Spring Festival? Post holiday skin care is very important! After the Spring Festival holiday, people's skin at work becomes lazy and lifeless, and skin problems such as large pores and black circles under the eyes are distressing. How to stay alive on the first day of work and how to restore skin luster after the Spring Festival? Let's study together.

Dry lines and spots -- moisturizing and whitening

After staying up late, due to the weakening of skin microcirculation and endocrine imbalance, the drying cycle of skin is disturbed, and small dry lines are very easy to appear. The most thorough way is to drink water for the skin. Apply a moisturizing mask to direct the water into the deep skin. Spray not only refresh the mind, but also replenish the skin's moisture. Spray on makeup can make it more durable, and spray on the hair can restore the vitality of the hair. Don't forget to use a paper towel to dry gently to reduce skin moisture loss.

During the long Spring Festival holiday, many people choose tourism as a way to relieve pressure. Although the beautiful scenery is unforgettable, the skin repair after close contact with the sun has become a new problem. With the arrival of spring, whitening has become the goal of many women. After cleaning the facial skin every day, gently pat the makeup water with whitening effect on the whole face to make it fully absorbed and improve the whitening effect. The use of emulsion should be noted that the dosage should not be too much, otherwise the effect of whitening is not easy to clog pores. For the parts that need to be improved, such as color spots and darkness, the day cream should be carefully applied to achieve the effect of desalination and whitening. Mask is a good tool for whitening and repairing, but it also pays attention to attaining its face. The new supersedes the old. The time for making facial mask is not longer, the better it is. It usually stays for 15 minutes.

External coating and internal adjustment is the only way to create perfect skin, and more attention should be paid to diet. Some foods have photosensitive factors. Exposure to sunlight or other strong light after eating will increase the vitality of melanocytes and make the skin black or spotted, such as celery, eggplant, coriander, leek, papaya, mango and so on. Generally, if you want your skin to become white, you should eat less photosensitive food or eat a little at dinner. Pay special attention not to move in strong light after eating to prevent your skin from turning black. You can eat more tomatoes, oranges, cabbage, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables. They all have a certain sunscreen effect.

Large pores and dark yellow complexion -- clean and exfoliate

Staying up late not only causes excessive oil secretion, but also makes the skin rough and dull. Accordingly, the skin appears dull and yellow. In addition, incomplete cleaning will cause greater damage to the skin, such as coarse pores, blackhead or pigment precipitation.

No matter how busy and tired you are, remember to take off your makeup well. After removing makeup, clean it with facial cleanser; After skin cleaning, skin toner can be used to control the secretion of facial fat, and make skin care products such as essence and cream easier to absorb. Use exfoliating products to clean up these stubborn horny dead skin. After that, promote blood circulation through facial massage and restore ruddy and good complexion. Those with serious skin problems can also go to the beauty salon for nursing and massage, and the effect will be better.

Dark circles and edema -- cold and hot compress

Staying up late is the culprit of dark circles, which directly leads to the blood stasis of periocular veins and vessels, showing a bluish gray. With age, the subcutaneous fat around the eyes becomes thinner, and the dark circles under the eyes become more obvious. Edema always seems to be inseparable from dark circles. Lack of sleep, excessive drinking water before going to bed and other reasons lead to poor lymphatic circulation in the eyes. At present, the skin is very thin and loose. The skin around the eyes is easy to accumulate excessive water and cause eye edema.

The key to restore your eyes and save your tired image is cold and hot compress. Apply a hot towel to the eyes and temples on both sides and remove it after about 5 minutes. The heat of the towel will promote the local blood circulation here. Then apply it with a cold towel for 1 minute to shrink the pores, and then apply eye cream. You can also put the spoon into the refrigerator for cold storage, and gently stick it on the eyelid with a convex surface for about 30 seconds the next day. The unique cold feeling of metal will shrink the capillaries, relieve the swelling and arouse the bright eyes again.

In addition, eye cream eye mask can quickly replenish moisture, eliminate fatigue, enhance skin elasticity, and reduce edema and dark circles caused by staying up late. However, the formulas of various eye masks are different. It is recommended to consult the counter and choose skin care products suitable for your skin state. In terms of diet, we should also strive for balanced nutrition, eat more fruits, vegetables and other foods, drink more boiled water, and try to reduce eating foods containing starch.

For these skin problems that are easy to occur during holidays, do you know how to protect your skin? Skin care after the Spring Festival is very important. You can't ignore it!