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Ol morning fast skin care method how to skin care the most convenient

ol morning fast skin care method, how is skin care most convenient? How to skin care the most convenient and time-saving? Recommend 7-step skin care methods to make your skin care in the morning without wasting time! In fact, the skin is like people's intestines and stomach, slowly absorbing the nutrition of skin care products one by one. Time passes slowly in the process of enjoyment. First replenish the skin with make-up water, just like the appetizer soup in the first dish, so as to unblock the absorption channel of the skin; After a period of time, the nutritious essence is added. The essence here is like the main course, providing delicious food for the skin. Finally, the staple food cream will be able to keep your skin dry and other skin problems for a long time. But many people will say that this kind of skin care can't be done in a hurry in the morning. In fact, it's not. As long as you do other things while protecting your skin, and let your skin care be interspersed with other things, the 'Huaishi' beauty will save you a lot of time in the morning.

The key to morning skin care is to make rational use of time

As the saying goes, "the plan of the day is in the morning". The morning skin care time is the most important for a day, but the morning skin care is also particularly important. The importance of morning skin care is just like the daily breakfast. Although it is the most important meal, it is also the most easily ignored meal. Time is tight in the morning. Many people casually apply some skin care products, and some even don't use skin care products. These will lead to the loss of skin nutrition. Over time, the skin will become problematic. It can be seen that the key to morning skin care is to make rational use of time.

Step 1 first of all, it is very important to clean the skin. The skin will secrete some oil after one night. If it is not cleaned, it is easy to form acne. At the same time, the metabolic waste of the skin is easy to make the skin care products unable to absorb.

Step 2 after cleaning the skin, you can use toner or make-up water to gently pat the facial skin for spot massage, which can effectively astringe pores and clean and moisturize the skin twice.

Step 3 after using the lotion, the skin needs 2 minutes to slowly absorb nutrition. At this time, you can brush your teeth and make rational use of these 2 minutes to clean your teeth and gums.

After STEP 4 brushing, you can use the essence milk, lightly smear it on the face, and apply it according to the essence of the essence. The antiaging essence can focus on the obvious lines of the facial pattern, and the whitening and bleaching essence can be applied to the position of the zygomatic bone and the spots.

STEP 5 essence can be used to pour a cup of milk and eat a breakfast, about 3 minutes or so, so that the essence is absorbed by the skin completely.

STEP 6 then use the face cream to warm the palm of the hand, let the cream fill the palm soft heat, and finally press the face cream on the palm to the face. Remember to massage the face with the palm temperature to help the skin more evenly adhere to the skin and make the skin more meticulous and soft.

Step 7 finally change your clothes for work and apply a layer of sunscreen and isolation cream to complete your skin care work in the morning. The whole morning skin care and going out preparation process takes only 20 minutes.