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How to wash your face and protect your skin in winter

Winter wash face skin care steps, how to wash face skin better? Although we wash our faces every day, we don't pay attention to some skin care details, but the more we wash, the more dirty we get. Teach you the correct steps and rules of washing your face. Let's have a look!

First: never use hot water

Washing face is not a sauna for facial skin. The biggest difference between warm water and hot water is that warm water is the temperature that makes facial cells not nervous after contact, while hot water directly leads to coarse pores!

Second: it is very important to wash your hands before washing your face

Please wash your hands before washing your face every time. Wash your hands with hand sanitizer or soap (sometimes on business), fully gently rub (palm and back of hand) for 30 seconds, and then rinse your hands with flowing water before you start washing your face.

Third: the facial cleanser should be fully foamed, the massage should be light, and the key parts should be avoided

Because I am a mixed oily skin, so I usually use foam cleansing cream, such as VICHY's Quan Qing cleansing gel, CleanClear foam cleansing oil. After kneading the foam, start from the forehead first, from top to bottom, no matter where it is, do not exceed thirty times, and do not exert too much force to overexert the cuticle of the president.

Fourth: try to use flowing water

When washing facial cleanser, be sure to wash your hands with water, turn on the faucet, and rinse your face with flowing water with a hand spoon.

Fifth: clean with warm water, wash with cold water, alternating cold and heat, and repeatedly exercise the face

Open the pores with warm water, gently massage with cleanser or cleanser to let them take away dirty things, then rinse with clean water, and then cool the pores with cold water. For the last time, use cold water, and then cold water.

Sixth: how many times to wash depends on your own situation

If people drink water and know their own temperature, they should believe in their own feelings. Believe in beauty experts, it's better to ask yourself, are you comfortable? Do you think the expert's method is effective?

Seventh: towel usage rules

1. The towel must be washed once a week, filled with soap, rubbed as if it had not been washed for several years, and then washed with clean water.

2. If possible, it's best to cook after washing. Take a special clean washbasin or pot and cook it on the stove like cooking ribs. Just boil for three or five minutes.

3. Dry the towel and the ultraviolet rays in the sun can sterilize.

4. Always change the face when using.

5. If possible, all towels shall be used separately according to the purpose.

Face washing massage

The forehead is a circle with both hands, and the cheek is also a circle. Pay attention to the T-shaped area. On both sides of the nasal wing (up and down), from the nasal wing to the tip of the nose, from the root of the nose to between the eyebrows (up and down), close the mouth, circle and add up and down; Eyebrow and eye tail (circle). The T-shaped area has very long acne, but you can't rub it hard because it is easy to have acne.

We should pay attention to many problems when washing and skin care in winter. The correct washing methods and steps have a great impact on the care and maintenance of skin. We should pay attention to it when washing our face!