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Neutral skin care tips how to care more healthy

skin care tips for neutral skin, how to care for more health? Do you think you don't need to care for neutral skin? This is wrong. You should take your skin seriously. Neutral skin also needs good maintenance and care. Several methods are recommended. Give it a try!

Neutral skin, the choice of skin care products are very mild, but moisturizing skin care products are essential. In winter, the weather is dry and the skin is easy to dry. While in the air-conditioned room and heating room, it is easier for the skin to evaporate. Therefore, the replenishment spray is a must for the white-collar workers and OL people. And the maintenance from the inside out is more important. Drink more water and eat more fruit, and the skin will be tender!

Sunscreen is very important. The sun will make the skin look healthy and good for the body, but it can't be directly exposed to the sun for a long time. And there is a small way to recover from the sun. Take out the cucumber placed in the refrigerator, cut it into thin slices and apply it to your face. Change it after it is dry. In only half an hour, the skin will become white, transparent and elastic.

Often make-up skin will be tired, make-up and make-up removal on the skin will do great harm, detoxification and beauty care are very important, oh, drugs are irritating and have side effects on the body. Drinking tea to detoxify and beautify, Pu'er tea and green tea not only detoxify and beautify, but also help to keep fit and absorb oil in food. Most importantly, it can also relieve fatigue.

It's also important to ensure sleep. Office workers often have to work overtime. Naturally, they have irregular rest. When they lack sleep, the bags under the eyes and dark circles under the eyes will be very serious, and the skin will be dull. Therefore, having a regular life is very effective for threatening whitening! Keep at least 8 hours of high-quality sleep a day.

After talking so much, have you encountered these problems? There are unique and wonderful ways to protect neutral skin. Come and see women all over the world!