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Correct use of skin care products in winter

Use skin care products correctly in winter and check the use sequence of skin care products! Do you know the order in which they are used each time? When you remember this and forget that, look at the sequence of your skin care products taught by Xiaobian. You can't use cosmetics wrong!

For example, you should remember 'first water, middle milk, and finally oil.' When you can't tell which one to use and which to use first, take a look at the texture of the skin care product. If it is water quality, it must be used first than the cream quality, and the oil quality is usually used at the end. This method can be used to determine the order of a set of care products in sequence, as well as the order of use of the same product, such as the same two or more cream.

1. What is the basic use order of water, cream and oil cosmetics& shy;

If you first used the frost like study, it was found that if the fine molecules of the essence reached the bottom of the skin, they could carry up to 88% of the nutrients. The macromolecular products of oil mostly play a role on the skin surface, and the nutrients carried are only about 6%.

Make-up water - Essence - gel - emulsion - cream - sunscreen, this is the correct order.

2, after cleansing, use the essence directly, that is, it can absorb ­ more fully; Am I right?

Many people mistakenly believe that the use of essence directly after cleansing can promote the full absorption of skin. In fact, the essence is high tech extraction of natural animals and plants or minerals and other components of the concentrate, to replenish the nutrients needed by the skin, as well as nutrition.

Essence should be used after cleansing the skin and evenly applying toner. Skin water can re open the pores of the skin after being cleaned, which helps the essence go deep into the nourishing skin.

3, think that using the essence can finish the skin care step of the day? Because essence is enough to moisturize ­?

Although its nutritional level is very high, it lacks the rich composition of moist, soothing, protective and so on in the day cream. It also lacks the powerful effect of repairing and rebuilding in the late frost. Therefore, after using the pure nutrition essence, we must use the day cream or the late frost to moisturize the skin completely, so as to achieve the perfect skin care effect.

4, when you use more than one essence, you think it is acceptable to smear it first; ­

Usually, our skin is enough to use one kind of essence, because the nutrient content of essence is high, and overdose will increase the burden on the skin, which is just the opposite. At the same time, using two kinds of essence is the limit. Who are the two kinds of essences after all? ­. First, according to the texture of essence, first use thinner texture and then use thicker. The two is to determine the depth of the skin according to the essence. Essence of effective ingredients in the skin in order to moisturize, whitening, wrinkle, so use the two in this order. Moisturizing - whitening - anti wrinkle.

5, moisturizing mask should be used before make-up water, after use ­ cream.

Moisturizing mask, especially cotton mask, is usually not needed to wash away. It can be regarded as dense essence simply. It is better to use make-up water before bottoming, to help skin water lipid film balance, and then mask can have a better absorption effect. It is not necessary to use water to clean after use. Just use the tissue to gently remove the residue. The oily skin can no longer apply other moisturizing products, while the partial dry skin needs to be coated with a layer of cream to lock the moisture.

6, do you go directly to the foundation ­ after the day cream?

This is completely wrong. The last step of daily care is not the day cream, but the beginning of using special sunscreen makeup after the day cream. The order is: day cream, sunscreen, cream and foundation. When selecting isolation cream, it must be confirmed that it is hydrophilic (that is, the content of water in the composition of isolation cream is more than oil), so as to isolate external irritants and make up lasting.

7. When using more than one eye cream, you think it's OK to apply it first & shy;

The eye area is a very special part, where the skin is very thin and fragile, improper care, and the final reality is irreversible. First of all, it is necessary to make sure that other products such as eye cream and eye essence are special for the eyes. Other facial make-up water, essence and cream can not be used in the eyes. No matter how refreshing and moist the texture is, especially those products with high efficacy, such as oil control, whitening, etc., it is even more difficult to use.

8. Do you always use day cream with SPF value instead of sunscreen & shy;

It is not recommended to use moisturizing, anti aging and sunscreen cream with sunscreen function. Instead, use sunscreen alone. Because the efficacy and responsibilities of a product are different, the integration of multiple effects is convenient and easy, but it will lose some efficacy. At present, most sunscreen products achieve sunscreen and isolation at the same time. Such sunscreen products help the skin resist ultraviolet rays, isolate dirty air, dust and even computer radiation, and have certain anti ultraviolet functions. Its purpose is to provide a clean and mild environment for the skin and form a 'front line' against external invasion, Therefore, it must not be omitted.

9, the texture of emulsion must be used after water, ­

There are special circumstances! According to the efficacy of specific products, you need to read the instructions carefully.

10. Special medicinal skin care products are used in that step & shy;

Sometimes skin acne or red blood, and so on, need to use some cosmetics, usually emulsion texture can be used as the essence of use, local or whole face can be, and for special wound site products, such as local anti acne products should be used in accordance with the instructions, some used after cleansing, and others are used in the last step of skin care, make-up before.

11, you use sunscreen powder instead of sunscreen cream ­

Just now we already know the role of sunscreen and isolation cream, so the answer is obvious. Sunscreen cream as the last step of daily skin care, the beginning of make-up, one of its important role is to isolate the make-up dust. If you omit the sunscreen isolation and use the foundation liquid and sunscreen powder directly, then these large particles of make-up time are long enough to clog your pores.

At the same time, each person uses different ways of using flour, some people may only use parts in the T area instead of the whole face. If this is used to prevent sunscreen, it is totally impossible.

When using more than two eye products at the same time, the order is first eye cream and eye cream. When using more than two kinds of eye creams, you can judge according to the texture and efficacy. Compare the texture of the two kinds of eye creams. Similarly, the more moist the more first to use; In terms of efficacy, moisturizing eye cream is used first, followed by whitening eye cream, and finally anti wrinkle eye cream. Because the molecules of Anti Wrinkle eye cream are large and the texture is usually oily, while the molecules of moisturizing eye cream are small, use anti wrinkle eye cream first. The oily anti wrinkle eye cream of macromolecules is easy to prevent the moisturizing eye cream of small molecules from entering the delicate skin of the eyes, thus affecting the moisturizing effect.

Use skin care products correctly in winter and check the use sequence of skin care products! Use the right skin care products to really achieve the purpose of skin care. Come and learn how to use skin care products correctly!