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How to care for skin after staying up late

How to care for skin after staying up late? 5 tips for repairing before makeup! Stay up all night, tired skin tends to show a dry, dark, rough state. At this time, make-up, easy to take off make-up, Fu tie degree is not enough to perplex you! Five tips for skin care are recommended. It's not hard to make up after staying up late!

Facial mask -- first aid before dressing

After the skin stays up, the skin often loses a lot of moisture and is dull and dull. The most effective remedy is to use facial mask containing high moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid for first aid. Then use a moisturizing effect of care products, so that the skin quickly in a state of moisture, easy to apply makeup.

Lip Gloss + Lip Gloss - dry away from lips.

After the night, the lips often become dry and peeling, so prepare a moisturizing lip balm to make the skin soft, and then start to build lip gloss and lip gloss, so that you can have a long, moist and sexy lip.

Emulsion mixing foundation - 'card powder'

Mix the emulsion and foundation with a ratio of 1 to 1, let the bottom makeup have enough humidity, and push away with fingers. Choose a moisturizing foundation. This foundation can better fit the facial contour, and the skin will feel very comfortable. Then try to use less powder, but in quick makeup, only using concealer and powder to replace all the processes, and with proper techniques, you can get the same light and thin makeup effect.

Cream blush -- a natural color.

It can be more tightly attached to the skin than powder. If you are worried that the color is too red and afraid of sudden, you can mix the cream with the foundation liquid, and then light it on the face, so that the makeup effect will be natural and serve. First use the foundation brush to spread the foundation evenly, then use sponge to wipe the skin quickly, then use the other clean sponge to press the skin gently. Then you can create a clear and transparent makeup on the dull night skin.

Foundation Brush - brush out of light makeup.

In fact, the quality of the makeup is not the foundation itself, but the most important paste is blush. How to maintain the eyes in winter

How to care for skin after staying up late? 5 tips for repairing before makeup! women's beauty and skin care recommended 5 tips to help you skin care before makeup, stay up late is not afraid!