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What are the steps of skin care for Christmas

What are the steps of Christmas skin care? Winter skin care tips! Christmas is coming. If you want to be noticed at a Carnival Party, your skin must be in good condition. Let's build the perfect skin for Christmas. Winter skin care skills!

3 weeks Countdown: make pores invisible

Pores become smaller, the skin will look much more smooth and smooth. To create a perfect skin for Christmas, pores are the first to bear the brunt.

Deep cleaning and smooth pores

The grease on the face will form a thick stratum corneum on the surface of the skin after sticking with dust and pollutants, and then block the pores and make them expand again and again. It is suggested that 1-2 deep cleansing facial mask be made weekly to keep pores smoothly. Because T area has many black heads, it can be repeated to apply thickening mask.

In winter, Confucius is the first to moisten

In winter, the biggest reason for large pores is the lack of water in the skin, which needs to strengthen moisturizing. Drop enough nourishing liquid on the cotton pad, first apply it on the forehead, then T area, the third is around the nose, the fourth is the chin, the fifth is to hook from the cheek pores, and finally the most outer contour of the cheek. After that, gently pat the cotton pad to make the nourishing liquid absorb better.

Tips: first aid for water shortage and pores

After soaking foot nourishing liquid with cotton pad, wet compress for 3 minutes in the area with obvious pores, and the pores will be obviously smaller!

One week Countdown: realizing the little face project

Although one week is not long, we can still make some contribution to the small face plan if we take it seriously. It is urgent to get rid of the big face quickly and eliminate the swelling.

Eating the enviable v-face

Drinking the right amount of water is one of the effective ways to help the face eliminate swelling. If you don't like to drink cup after cup of plain water every day, you can add a little lemon slice or lemon juice to the water; If at the same time from the food intake of 1200 mg of calcium, can help the body consume fat faster, make the face thin, slim. Mm should also pay attention to the control of salt intake during this period. The more salt intake every day, the greater the possibility of facial edema.

Small face massage during bath time

High temperature bath can not only lose weight, but also lose face. Every day in the water temperature of 38 ℃ sitting in the bathtub bath, water depth reaches the heart socket immersion bath about 20 minutes, and with thin face cream massage face. After applying the massage cream, gently rub the skin. The finger pulp should face the tip of the nose and push upward from the cheek bone, and massage with friction. Move slowly one by one for one minute.

Tips: chewing gum is the enemy of Xiaoyan

If your face is obese due to fat, please refuse chewing gum, sugar cane and other foods to exercise chewing muscles, because they can only make your facial muscles stronger.

3 Days Countdown: Farewell to annoying acne

No one wants to come out with a 'big bag' to scare people at the time when they should be beautiful, and give quick first aid to the skin before the acne has turned into acne.

Homemade brine prevents acne from forming

Salt water has the function of anti-inflammatory and sterilization, can inhibit acne to a certain extent, especially for the initial acne. Rinse the acne area with 15 grams of salt water, 1-2 times a day, and then carry out the normal basic skin care steps, 2-3 days can inhibit the formation of acne. But pay attention to the high concentration of salt water will lead to skin dehydration, but make acne worse.

Acne removal skills

Deal with acne, do not take tough measures, find the right time to eliminate it is the best policy! In addition to acne before, you can put the blackhead out liquid pat on the face, wait for 10 minutes. Then let the acne special tools on the stage, I suggest you go to a large drugstore to buy better quality acne clip, it will be more convenient to use. In the next few days, you can smear the red Eyeshadow cream which is always in the house to prevent and reduce inflammation.

Tips: eat less high sugar food

Taboo! Cakes with more sugar, snacks, fast food and snacks with more carbohydrates are not only easy to gain weight, but also cause constipation. If you want to refuse acne and make your skin tender, eat more high fiber fruits and vegetables and drink more water!

Christmas Eve: half an hour to make up

Tiny spots with small defects will be saved after 3 weeks of skin care. The foundation is saved. Sponge tools and foundation brush are used to remove makeup. Only the fingers are used to skin makeup. The most delicate skin texture is unreservedly reflected. The belief that the skin of high quality will be talent shows itself in the continuous blending of the night glow and the shadow.

Zero defect skin

Step1. in order to make the makeup feel thinner and moisten, mix the makeup milk and foundation liquid with 1:1 ratio.

Step2. with a good foundation solution, light on the cheeks, forehead, nose, mouth, chin parts.

Step3. quickly spreads the foundation with the middle finger and the ring finger. The technique is from inside to outside and from bottom to top.

Step4. spreads the foundation liquid carefully with a spiral method on the alar part of the easy card powder.

Step5. the palm of your hand presses the whole face lightly. The temperature of the palm can make the foundation liquid double and not easy to remove the makeup.

Step6. because of the low adhesion of the liquid foundation, the powder can be used to brush the large area of the powder and make the final makeup.

What are the steps of Christmas skin care? Winter skin care tips! women's beauty and skin care teaches you how to care your skin for Christmas!