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How to make skin care facial mask?

How to make skin care facial mask, tighten skin and expose the secret of skin care! Ten great skin smoothing recipes, how to handle pores? To have perfect skin, first of all, you must get rid of the coarse pores, teach you skin care secret recipe, self-made skin mask, compact skin, and find a suitable one for you.

Cold towel application

I believe many people have tried this method. Choose a small square towel, moisten the clean small square towel, put it in a fresh-keeping bag in the refrigerator, and apply it on your face after cleansing at night for tens of seconds. The effect is very obvious, but I think the persistence is not enough.

Pearl powder + milk

Take the right amount of pearl powder and milk, adjust into a sticky paste, evenly apply on the face, about 15 minutes, 1 ~ 2 times a week, has a good moisturizing and pore astringent effect, dry skin girls can add a little honey. But here to remind you a little, it is best not to choose pure milk, pure milk easy to form oil, a long time easy to cause pore blockage.

White vinegar + glycerin

Mix the white vinegar and glycerin in the ratio of 5:1, stir it evenly, make it as toner or make mask with mask paper. You can do it every day for about 2~5 minutes. White vinegar and glycerin have the effect of shrinking pores, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, moisturizing skin. But this formula is more suitable for dry skin, oily skin and mixed skin can try once, if you feel greasy, you can find another way.

Fruit skin application

There are many choices in the peel, such as watermelon, cucumber, lemon and so on. They all have a good effect of converging and softening pores, inhibiting oil secretion, moistening and whitening skin.

How to make skin care products for face

Egg + olive oil + lemon juice + coarse salt

Separate the egg white and protein, put the egg white, lemon juice, olive oil and appropriate amount of crude salt in a small bowl, mix them evenly and apply them on the face, then massage the face when they are slightly dry. Crude salt can improve horniness, olive oil can help moisturize skin, egg white is the key to shrink pores, lemon is mainly to achieve whitening effect. About 1 ~ 2 times a week, long-term persistence can make your coarse pores disappear without trace, and the skin is smooth and tender.

Chestnut skin + honey

Pound the chestnut endocarp into powder with a smashing tool, take out a proper amount of honey, mix the honey with the powder chestnut skin evenly, apply it on the face, and wash it with clean water after about 15 minutes. Attention must choose fresh chestnut endothelium, so as to achieve the effect of shrinking pores and moistening. As a beauty saint, honey has no need to talk about its effect.

German black beer + facial mask paper

German black beer is a unique way for German girls to shrink their pores. It should be regarded as the most popular folk prescription in Germany. Black beer not only has a strong taste, but also is effective in fighting back stubborn pores. Soak the mask paper in the black beer. Once thoroughly soaked, remove it and apply it directly to the face. In addition to the effect of shrinking pores, it can also reduce inflammation and kill bacteria. In addition, German black beer contains some enzymes produced by grain fermentation, which can decompose cutin and oil.

Yogurt + honey

Mix the yogurt and honey in the ratio of 3:1, evenly stir, apply on the face, and clean after 15 minutes. Honey can not only astringe the pores, but also make the skin tender and smooth. Yogurt can increase the elasticity of the skin and whiten the skin at the same time.

How to make skin care facial mask, skin tight, and skin care secret recipe! Let's talk about skin care articles, teach you DIY skin care products!