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How to fall in love with Scorpio boy

He is a mystery that can never be solved. You have to have his complicated brain to understand his mystery. However, he often doesn't understand himself. He is an extremely sexy and dangerous man. He has a keen insight. When he takes a meaningful look at you with his sharp eyes, he can see through your motives, but it is not so easy for you to see through him. He always appears quietly and quietly, with a strong, mysterious and deep breath. You can't see him, but you feel his existence.

He is not so easy to approach. It is not easy to understand him through language. He often does not speak much. His language needs to be decrypted like a computer password. The surface meaning of his language is not his real intention. To understand him deeply, you have to have a genius intuition, plus Freud's psychology. It is meaningless to know him through his behavior. There are not many people as mysterious as him. He is often misunderstood by you, but this is what he expected.

He has a huge imagination, his everything is too complex, without extraordinary intelligence, can not understand his complex life and psychology. He needs too much safe harbor, he needs soul partner, but he has insight into too many sources of darkness. His greatest specialty is to defeat his opponent with intelligence and will. He is so keen that he can hardly be deceived by anyone. Even when he looks like he's drunk and insane, he may still be playing brain games. His emotions are often accompanied by sadness, because he has so many tricks that he can't find the light to make himself sad. Only when he is in intense physical exercise can he completely indulge himself and yield to happiness.