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How to propose for a man

How do cancer women yearn for boys to propose? How do cancer girls hope their boyfriends to propose to them? Let's see how cancer girls think about love and know what kind of proposal she yearns for!

Cancer women are very kind. They are not easy to refuse to propose to their lovers. However, cancer women in the twelve constellations are famous for their family. For them, the environment of the proposed place must be as warm and comfortable as that of the family. A place of too high profile may be OK, but it can't be boasted. No matter where it is, as long as some warm atmosphere is created, and plain and kind words are added In other words, the crab woman will be very secure and practical.

Cancer love

Whether to bear it or not & hellip; silent bearing can be said to be your portrayal of love. In the pursuit of objects, they will listen to each other. Although they haven't become lovers, they have done a lot for each other & hellip; & hellip; and they should have done a lot of things for each other & hellip; to put it bluntly, you are still a considerate constellation, but it's a pity that when you step into love, you are easily lost and often focus on lovers. In love, your role will always be subject, you will be subject to the constellation of lovers. You may like to blow the market in front of your friends to make people think you don't care about your lover, but & hellip; save a little & hellip; the whole world knows how you care if you really lose him / her, just like & hellip; It's like a parent losing their children, because you already see each other as a part of your life.