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What's the resistance of cancer in love this year

What are the obstacles that cancer will encounter when they fall in love in 2012? What obstacles will cancer friends encounter when they fall in love in 2012? If they try to overcome them, there will be hope!

Biggest obstacle: sense of responsibility

I'm afraid cancer is the most family responsible constellation. It's just in love, maybe it's more effective to play light. There are also many opportunities for cancer to fall in love. For cancer, it is a transitional period. Cancer's love is easily interrupted or changed due to changes in the external environment. If the other party has no sense of responsibility, the love may end.

Cancer's love story continues the path of 2011. It's easy to develop feelings with your classmates, community partners or friends. The chances of long-distance love are also high. You can take part in more activities to meet new friends. If you are similar to the idea of the object or have a common goal, they encourage each other to grow up together, and the feelings can gradually become stable. To find the cancer, we should grasp the good opportunity of the first half of 2012, the second half of August to the first half of September and October. But pay special attention to the fact that there will be a long period of love pressure from October. If you can pass the test of responsibility, your relationship will have a chance to achieve good results.