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Cancer woman's personality and style

Cancer woman 's personality and style! Cancer woman has a lot of unique personality and character, in-depth understanding of Cancer woman' s personality characteristics, to see how to government cancer girl!

From childhood, there are always several cancer friends around me. I seem to have special feelings for the women born under this constellation. I think that's probably because of their warm personality and easy to win friendship. And when we really become friends, it's the day when you are happy with her and sad with her. Sometimes I think they are considerate and lovely, and sometimes I am angry with them for their sensitive and emotional inexplicability. As for you who want to fall in love with them, I'm afraid you've never felt better than me!

Gentle and considerate Cancer woman, it is easy to give people the feeling of 'love'. If you are a person who pursues the feeling of love, you will not be disappointed if you choose her. Cancer women usually give men a confidence that if you lose your love, my life will be meaningless. This is what many men dream of. However, if you are just a person who regards love as a game, please don't provoke her, because, first of all, it's too crippling for a real cancer woman. Cancer women play real, and their feelings are not easily blasphemous; Second, for some cancer women, if she loves you, it's not so easy to get rid of her. You should know how hard it is to get out of the crab's grip, don't you? Her fighting spirit will surprise you very much. I've seen the end of a man who betrays a cancer woman. The fatal attraction is not that good. Of course, only a very small number of cancer women have such lethality, but you'd better not take chances.

You will be touched by her tenderness, thoughtfulness and wholehearted love. Few women will make you feel that you are so important. But her moodiness is also likely to drive you crazy. She is very insecure, sensitive and vulnerable. Often a careless word from you will make her tearful or upset. There are two kinds of cancer women. Of course, they are as lovely as the warm sun in normal times. But when they are in a mood, one is pear blossom with rain, the other is time bomb. If you meet the former, it's a lucky situation. It's better to take two more bags of dough paper. If the latter, I'm afraid the mental pressure will be greater.

There are thousands of reasons for her uncertain mood. Maybe it's because she suddenly thinks you haven't hugged her for a long time. Maybe you just spoke to her girlfriend in such a gentle voice. Maybe you just joked that her new perm looks like a bird's nest. By the way, I forgot to remind you that it's better not to criticize or ridicule your little Cancer woman. She can hardly afford to be criticized by her lover. All in all, including the moon's ups and downs and the tide of the sea, may be the reasons that affect her mood. Her biggest worry is that she is always worried about whether she is good enough and whether you no longer love her. She often needs your confirmation. So I think the easiest way for you is to tell her directly!

I think there is no better way to get along with her than to really love her, but you must remember that the way to love her is not palliative. When she is in a mood, give her gentle comfort. After her mood calms down, you must sincerely tell her what kind of damage she has caused to you by her excessive Emotionalization! Let her know your true feelings, she really loves you, and she will know that she should moderately correct herself. Don't try to calm down. You will spoil her. Cancer woman has a strange characteristic that if you don't tell her 'enough', she will keep trying to see how much you can tolerate her. It seems difficult for her to understand what "enough is enough". In the end, her Emotionalization will be beyond her control. Of course, you will eventually be unbearable.

I have a couple of cancer friends' marriage, which is how it goes wrong! In the end, she should regret that she was too headstrong. But conscientiously, the husband who appeased the traitors should be more or less responsible. How can you go out to seek gentle consolation after spoiling her? It's also strange to say that when the Cancer woman's feelings go wrong, their actions will make you greatly surprised; in addition to being sad, the Cancer woman is likely to tell her husband's new love and what dishes should be made to suit his taste; She would probably take his suit from the laundry to their place; she would more likely pay his credit card bill with her private money. Don't you believe it? I swear again, it's true. When my cancer friends told me about their great deeds, I almost fainted. This is how they are. Sometimes they are too hateful, sometimes they are too good. She needs you to pamper her, and she pampers you relatively. For cancer women, spoiling a man seems to be the best way to possess him. Even if you leave her today, you will come back to her sooner or later when you think it out, because no one will love you as much as she does.

So you should understand that you must learn to love her in the right way. If you know how to get along, she will be a rare wife. You can enjoy the sweetness of love all your life, and she will pay for your family without reservation. Cancer woman also has a feature, that is, although she is usually fragile and emotional, she can't live without you, but really when you encounter real problems, even when you are desperate to help, she will become a strong and resilient woman. You can rely on your mother like a child in her arms. She will take care of your wounds and stay with you. Most cancer women have money ideas and know how to live within their means. (unless she has a frivolous sign of the moon or the rising sign) usually she will spend money to calm her restlessness only when she is depressed (feels you don't love him). For the sake of your purse, it's wise to give her the feeling of love.

Please love her with a mature and responsible attitude! Don't blame her after spoiling her! You will get rich and incomparable feedback if you really love a crab. I sincerely hope that every cancer friend of mine can meet a good man.