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Professional analysis of cancer's overall transportation throughout the year

2012 cancer annual overall situation professional analysis! Detailed analysis of the annual situation to help you have a general grasp of the whole year, there will be unexpected harvest!

Overall situation:

It will be a new start for cancer. Due to Saturn's falling relationship with cancer, cancer people will be conservative in their personal mentality, but not stubborn. The addition of Uranus brings a few warm sunshine to cancer's dull mood. They are eager to try new things, hope to touch more new things, but are afraid to change their original life style. In 2005, cancer people were so careful to choose between the old and the new.

Cancer's mind and time are occupied by several important things, especially in the first half of the year. Those important and important links can't help but communicate and discuss with others, sometimes they can't stick to their own.

In the second half of the year, cancer has entered the period of thinking before the new situation of life. In the second half of the year, there will be a lot of ideas and thoughts, some of which are fleeting, some of which will be eliminated based on the reality after a period of calculation.

Love fortune:

Pluto's force has been playing an important role in cancer's emotional world. The love concept requires an absolute sense. In love, you want to have deep and absolute dominance, but if love interferes with your goals or doesn't meet your expectations, you can let it go and change your goals at any time, so that whether it's running in period or talking about breaking up, the process may not be very pleasant. Cancer with lovers, the love development in the past two years is in the transition period, which is easy to be interrupted or changed due to changes in the external environment, which makes people feel confused.

Cancer's love story continues the path of 2011. It's easy to develop feelings with your classmates, community partners or friends. The chances of long-distance love are also high. You can take part in more activities to meet new friends. If you are similar to the idea of the object or have a common goal, they encourage each other to grow up together, and the feelings can gradually become stable. To find the cancer, we should grasp the good opportunity of the first half of 2012, the second half of August to the first half of September and October. But pay special attention to the fact that there will be a long period of love pressure from October. If you can pass the test of responsibility, your relationship will have a chance to achieve good results.

Academic development:

On the whole, the progress of this year's cancer people in personal education is not very smooth. In spring, cancer people have a strong desire to learn and a good ability to act. But they need to hold onto the machine and drink more ink. From May to July, cancer people's energy in learning may be scattered. They are usually more intelligent than they are, but they lack perseverance, so it's easy to give up halfway. At the end of summer, in July or so, cancer people's fortunes in study and examination will be strengthened a little, but they will still feel a little tired. After autumn, the pressure of cancer people on their studies will be further increased. They are depressed and even have a bad mood of being tired of learning. After winter, this unfavorable situation will be relieved, and academic fortunes will start to pick up. Cancer people are expected to achieve good results at the end of the year.


Physical health needs to pay attention to: intestinal, tracheal, biliary, brachial and femoral diseases. In addition, we should pay more attention to all kinds of neuralgia. Between August and October, cancer will be weaker. On the whole, this year's cancer people's health is pretty good, but they are suffering from minor illnesses.

Career prospects:

This year is a good year for cancer people who are looking for jobs. There are good job opportunities at the beginning of the year and in the months at the end of the year. In May and June of summer, cancer people are tired for a period of time, during which their efforts are hard to be rewarded. As for the three months in autumn, although there is a lot of pressure and hard work, there will be many good opportunities hidden in it. It depends on personal grasp.

Financial situation:

The overall environment of investment and financial management of cancer this year is somewhat unfavorable, but in some aspects, maybe cancer can do better. In the whole spring, including January, February, March and April, cancer people can have good opportunities for wealth, but they are hard-working and under great pressure. In the months after summer, cancer people should be careful to avoid unnecessary loss. After autumn, the financial pressure will suddenly increase. At the end of the year, there will be good fortune waiting for the cancer to work hard. Career development:

In this year, cancer workers are doing well in their work, which is also a very busy year. In the summer months, cancer people should be very careful not to make mistakes. 7. After August, cancer people's pressure on work will suddenly increase, so we should be careful.