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Ziwei's career development

[Abstract] in 2011, LiuNian Guanlu palace is located in Weigong. Please arrange your life chart. According to our explanation, the fortune of LiuNian career in 2011 will be your forward-looking bright light in 2011.

Ziwei's business operation in 2011

[step 1]

How to look at LiuNian palace of wealth and silk: go here first to arrange Dishes & gt; & gt;

For example: a man born at 21:30 on January 12, 2010, the situation when arranging dishes is as shown in the figure above

Ziwei's business operation in 2011

[step 2]

Come up with a block diagram. There are 12 squares for the 12th house

1. In 2011, the year of Mao (the year of rabbit), the palace of wealth and silk in LiuNian is the palace of Hai, so in the 12 squares, find the green one with the word "Wei"

2. Then you look at the top left corner of the 'Wei' grid. What are the names of the stars written in big red

PS: if there are no stars marked in big red, it is empty.

[step 3]

Then compare the name of the red star, and then in the post, find the relative fortune with yourself

For example, a man born at 21:30 on January 12, 2010

His 2011 Fortune Palace is dominated by 'Lian Zhen, Qi Sha'

Ziwei's business operation in 2011

LiuNian Guanlu palace has Tiantong gate:

Based on the needs of work, we often have to rack our brains to make logical deliberation and consideration of affairs. Therefore, we have to enhance our sensitivity in the workplace in order to cut into the thinking and judgment of affairs. Even in normal work, we have to make great efforts to meet the needs of work or customers. 2011 is a year of keeping success rather than opening up territory. In other words, there will be a tendency to think more, think more, and suspect more. That's not the same as the big shock in 2010. Therefore, you have to be prepared to adapt to the changes of work environment as soon as possible.

Ziwei's business operation in 2011

LiuNian Guanlu palace has its natural features

In order to meet the needs of unpredictable and even difficult work, you can always do your best to fulfill your duties with wisdom, knowledge and courage.

Ziwei's business operation in 2011

There is Tianliang in LiuNian Guanlu palace

In 2011, you will have a mature and down-to-earth spirit, based on the workplace, is to see the good stubborn and step-by-step pragmatic spirit, although you do not lose enthusiasm and enthusiasm, but those performances will not go beyond the persistent principles and norms, rigorous attitude is set up for 2011 in the workplace work principles, but also because of a little upright, so there will be positive and negative polarization International relations, of course, will have a great influence on the workplace in 2011.

Ziwei's business operation in 2011

In LiuNian Guanlu palace, there are Lianzhen's seven murders

It's almost hard luck in the workplace, so in 2011, you must be nervous and support the workplace in a timely way. Although you are masculine, positive and powerful in 2011, you may not be able to guarantee success. However, from the experience of business operation in 2011, you can play an all-round role in promoting the future development.

Ziwei's business operation in 2011

LiuNian Guanlu palace, empty palace, opposite palace, Taiyang and Taiyin:

In the workplace, sometimes full of confidence, sometimes there will be a sense of emptiness and helplessness, the workplace environment is also in danger of change. In 2011, you are easily affected by the external environment at work, and have a corresponding way, because you will also have a sense of uneasy crisis, so you can not help but have excessive self-defense at work, and it is difficult to communicate with colleagues, that is because of strong suspicion and suspicion. If you can't adjust your mind, it will be difficult for you to help when you need it, so a positive outlook on life will help you in your career.

Ziwei's business operation in 2011

LiuNian's official salary palace is empty, and he is greedy for gongwuqu

Planning can't keep up with the changes, so it seems that it's difficult to meet the needs of the workplace by sticking to it all the time. Even so, 2011's performance in the workplace is remarkable. In 2011, you hold a strong ambition for your career, and also attempt to take the initiative to attack. However, the development of the fortune in 2011 will lead you to a stable situation, so many times you have to restrain your mind and ambition, and bow to the reality.

Ziwei's business operation in 2011

LiuNian Guanlu palace, empty palace, opposite to the palace, the heaven is the same as the gate:

EQ in the workplace is not very high. You often feel at a loss about your position in the workplace, and you can't rule out the phenomenon of thinking, thinking and operating. Fortunately, the financial trend curve is still good, which reminds you to be open-minded in order to build a stable career.

Ziwei's business operation in 2011

Ziwei broke the army in LiuNian Guanlu palace

In 2011, you will be restless and rebellious, and even have the intention to create a new situation. From time to time, you will show your leadership talent in the workplace, and your courage and ambition are the driving force to push yourself forward. If we can properly apply the principle of combining strength with softness, then our career will soar. If we are just impulsive and headstrong, we will set up a roadblock for our career.

Ziwei's business operation in 2011

LiuNian Guanlu palace has its own destiny

The characteristics of 2011 in the workplace are unstable, and they will continue to study and recharge due to work needs, and they are more likely to exhaust their brain power to cope with workplace tasks. In 2011, logical reasoning, association and dexterity will become stronger. Therefore, the mind of taking advantage will also be activated, which may lead itself into the circle of right and wrong. On the other hand, it may deviate from the original direction because it is too persistent or too busy with current affairs.

Ziwei's business operation in 2011

There are Tianfu in LiuNian Guanlu palace

In 2011, no matter what kind of situation you are facing in the workplace, you are able to deal with it with a steady and tolerant tolerance. Therefore, the career situation is peaceful and smooth. Because it is for the sake of stability, as long as we follow the trend, we will be able to achieve our wish. If we are engaged in the work of innovation or opening up new territories, we will not be able to show our ability except outstanding achievements. This is the characteristic of our career in 2011.

Ziwei's business operation in 2011

There is a sun in LiuNian Guanlu palace

In 2011, you will try to maintain the territory of your career or work in an all-round way. You are likely to care too much about trivial matters, resulting in the loss of trees or the loss of big things. You may even have too many scruples and too long-term to move forward. Therefore, if you want your career to flourish, you have to open your heart so as not to limit yourself.

Ziwei's business operation in 2011

In LiuNian Guanlu palace, there are Wuqu greedy wolves:

There is a strong sense of departmentalism in the workplace. It is not easy to change what has been decided. Unless there are great interests as incentives, they will stick to their own views to the end. In 2011, the desire for power will be stronger than in the past, and the enthusiasm for doing things will also be enhanced. Because we don't like the dull workplace atmosphere, we will seize the favorable opportunities, so we will see more changes in our career in 2011.