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Ziwei measures fortune this year

[Abstract] the palace of Hai on the chart is the location of the palace of wealth and silk in 2012. You can compare the Xingyao of the palace of Hai on the chart with the content of the weekly newspaper to understand your general situation of financial fortune in 2012. Please cherish the content of this weekly newspaper, because teacher Xu's advice will play a role of Lighthouse in your travel process!

Ziwei's fortune

[step 1]

How to look at LiuNian palace of wealth and silk: go here first to arrange Dishes & gt; & gt;

For example: a man born at 21:30 on January 12, 2010, the situation when arranging dishes is as shown in the figure above

Ziwei's fortune

[step 2]

Come up with a block diagram. There are 12 squares for the 12th house

1. In the year of Mao (the year of the rabbit), the palace of wealth and silk in LiuNian is the palace of Hai. So in the 12 squares, find the green one with the word Hai

2. Then you look at the top left corner of the 'Hai' grid. What are the names of the stars written in big red

PS: if there are no stars marked in big red, it is empty.

[step 3]

Then compare the name of the red star, and then in the post, find the relative fortune with yourself

For example, a man born at 21:30 on January 12, 2010

His fortune and silk palace is dominated by Wuqu and the army

Ziwei's fortune

Fortune and silk palace in LiuNian

two thousand and twelve You are good at seeing and listening, and you have a keen sense of money. Although you are smart and clever, you can only catch small fish and shrimps in the big net scattered to Qianhai, but you can't help watching the fool around you catch the big fish. The reason is that you have too many ideas, too much explicitation, or too much attention to meaningless twigs and small details, and let the opportunity slip by; To remind you, another reason for missing the money path is probably that you just talk but don't practice.

Ziwei's fortune

The palace of wealth and silk is empty

If you are holding an iron rice bowl, you will worry about your work or money though you will not break it. If you are working in an individual enterprise, you have to be on guard against Qian Tuqi's changing his mind or encountering bottlenecks. Fortunately, the mood of 2011 is much more solid than that of last year. However, no matter what kind of workplace you are in, you have to be careful with your financial management, otherwise you will be shy in your pocket.

Ziwei's fortune

There is a sun in the palace of money and silk

Although you are passionate about spending money, you will get it by accident, but you will get it by spending money. Sometimes, I can't help but have to or because of too emotional, even emotional, emotional problems, and become a money boy or money loser. Therefore, the key to financial success or failure is to manage properly.

Ziwei's fortune

Wuqu broke the army in LiuNian palace of wealth and silk

You will be armed with all the cells of your body for money. Whether you go up the mountain or down the sea, you will always spare no effort. You are also willing to change the track or take a shortcut for money. It's also because if you are soft or slow to swallow, you may be ahead of others. Although the road to Qiantu is noisy, you are worried that you are chopping firewood, or there may be little thunder and heavy rain. So you must not be short-sighted. If you are too eager for quick success and instant benefit, you may be killing the chicken for the egg. I suggest you take time to see, and then you can understand A reasonable way to make money.

Ziwei's fortune

The palace of money and silk in LiuNian has the same fate

The key to the success of the way of making money lies in Eq. although it is also based on wisdom and talent, in 2011, you are likely to be limited by the outdated principles, resulting in the narrowing of financial fortune and sources. Wealth is often based on prudence and conservatism. If we can face all people, things and things with a broad mind and enthusiasm, we can improve our wealth.

Ziwei's fortune

There is Taiyin in LiuNian palace of wealth and silk

They are adaptable to people, things and things. They will adhere to the attitude of affinity, prudence and conservatism, and step by step on the money path. Because of the stable financial resources, they should be able to save for a year. In 2011, it will cost a lot of money for love affairs, such as love affairs, marriage, heterosexual social intercourse and so on, and there will be unexpected family expenses. Therefore, you have to have a set of flexible financial planning.

Ziwei's fortune

There is Tianfu in LiuNian palace of wealth and silk

If you can uphold the grace of temperament, open-minded mind to face all the people, things, things around you, it will be able to add points for your fortune. You have to rely on your strength, sense of responsibility and leadership to stand in the workplace. You can also improve your image and status because of your proper performance. Of course, it's based on soft power rather than tough methods. It is a year when wealth can be accumulated, but it is likely to be extravagant and wasteful because of emotional affairs or too emotional.

Ziwei's fortune

There are honest, honest and greedy wolves in LiuNian palace of wealth and silk

In 2012, you will deal with the God of wealth in the spirit of high-profile and hard core real material and practical learning, but please don't mistakenly think that there will be a tough battle to fight in the road of coming to wealth, just because you will pay extra attention to making money and career, so you will actively move, and also from time to time you will plant your strength; After the shaping and sprint, no matter how gold you can become, at least, you have laid a solid foundation for your future. You don't feel aggrieved with money, so although it's hard on the surface, it's actually a soft landing. You can see your creative ideas, popularity and affinity on the way to money. Because you have high self-esteem and want to increase your income, you will have part-time jobs to change the runway or increase your income! So you will be gallant to the God of wealth for money.

Ziwei's fortune

There is a huge gate in LiuNian palace of wealth and silk

Sharp and unique analysis ability can win your reputation in the workplace. In 2011, you have the fortune to gain benefits or profits from right and wrong or in a chaotic situation, and have the ability to express your opinions. Therefore, you should avoid deducting points in terms of popularity and relationship. Especially when human resources are equal to assets, you should avoid making too much fuss and annoying. Keep a low profile and act cautiously, which can make you earn money If there is a lot of money, it will not only lead to a bad financial situation, but also attract criticism.

Ziwei's fortune

The palace of money and silk in LiuNian has its natural appearance:

This is the most suitable way for you to make a living in 2011. If you are self-employed or feel that your boss is a little weak, you should not be strong, because you are too big to catch wind, and people are full of taboos. Moreover, you may lose your standard and direction because you are too sharp, and waste your time and energy on many meaningless money pursuits and emotional matters.

Ziwei's fortune

There is Tianliang in LiuNian palace of wealth and silk

If you are engaged in the profession of doctor, judicial officer, actuary, inspector, audit, teacher and so on, you should be careful not to make any mistakes, then 2011 will be an era where you can make a lot of money. If not, you will probably feel bad with the God of wealth because you don't understand the tacit rules of flexibility or stubbornness. All your actions in 2011 seem to be doing 'big things' rather than aiming at making money. However, if you are aiming at making money, you may also be involved in speculation and hover on the edge of the law. Therefore, it is suggested that you should be more cautious in making money.

Ziwei's fortune

Ziwei's seven murders in LiuNian palace of wealth and silk

In 2012, you will tighten your nerves and work harder in the workplace. In addition to being professional and serious, you will also have a domineering attitude. Therefore, you should remind yourself that you should be more flexible, less subjective, more friendly, and avoid unreasonable and unforgiving behavior. Especially in the era when this person and human resources are equal to assets, respect the superior and respect the inferior, be harmonious, and build tangible and intangible wealth for you.