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The simplest way is to pinch one's fingers and one's own to judge good or bad luck

[Abstract] Zhuge horse pre class is said to be a simple method for Zhuge Liang to calculate good fortune, misfortune and misfortune at any time when he is on a March. Because the method is simple, you can know the good or bad luck within more than ten seconds, and you can calculate it immediately, so it is called Zhuge horse pre lesson.

Zhuge Ma's former lesson is also called xiaoliuren, which is actually simplified from Qimen dunjia.

Xiaoliuren is a simple divination in daily life. If you have any feeling in your heart, you can point out some things in your daily life. Very easy to use and use.

Zhuge Liang's pre Ma lesson (referring to the algorithm): determine what he wants to predict, and then choose one of the twelve dizhi (Zi, Chou, Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, Wu, Wei, Shen, you, Xu, Hai).

Then use the month date of the current day (lunar calendar) and the local branch that you choose by default. Starting from Da'an (see figure above), the last position of the month is the starting position of the date. The last position of the date is the starting position of the local branch. The last position of the selected branch is the result calculated by Ma Qianke.

Note: Da'an, Suxi and Xiaoji are auspicious hexagrams. Liulian, chikou and kongfu are not auspicious hexagrams.

For example, how would I predict my journey tomorrow? Now I choose the word "Shen" by default. Today's lunar calendar is June 12, so I will count it from Da'an anticlockwise to June (month), that is, da'an-liulian-suxi-chikou-xiaoji-kongo.

Then the date starts from the air death, counter clockwise from one to twelve, twelve should arrive at Xiaoji. Starting from Xiaoji, count from 'Zi' to 'Shen' in a counter clockwise direction (the ninth place of dizhi chosen by himself) should be counted to Da'an. Da'an is the result of your calculation.

Note: it's better to use the lunar calendar as much as possible, but it's also OK to use the solar calendar, and the accuracy is lower; the silent time (dizhi) can be the predicted time at that time, but also the departure time, and the personal determined departure time is the best.

Zhuge Ma made a decision before class:

1. Da'an: when the body doesn't move, it belongs to Mu Qinglong, and any one, five or seven (belonging to four limbs) can do something

You southwest, invade the East, the child mother-in-law six livestock startle, adult green face Yin God.

Duan said: everything is prosperous in Daan, the fortune is in the Kun side, the lost property is not far away, the house is safe and healthy,

The body of the pedestrian did not move, and the patient was OK. The general went back to the field and pushed carefully.

2. Liulian: when a person is not back, he belongs to Xuanwu of water. He plans two, eight and ten things

Noble people in the south, invade the north, children travel the road, the dead, adults, Madame Wu Mian.

He said, "it's hard to make a long stay, but it's not clear for us to plan for the future. Everything should be postponed, and those who go have not returned."

The lost property can be seen in the south, and it is urgent to ask for satisfaction. What's more, it is necessary to guard against words, and the population is peaceful.

3. Quick joy: when people arrive, they belong to the fire rosefinch, and they plan three, six, and nine

You southwest, invade the south, the child mother-in-law moves does not startle, the adult rocket general.

Break said: quick joy to come, seek wealth to the south, lost property Shenwei afternoon, meet people on the road to find

Officials have good fortune, the sick have no misfortune to invade.

4. Chikou: when the official affairs are fierce, they belong to the golden white tiger. When they plan things, they are four, seven and ten (belonging to the lung and stomach)

Noble East, invade the west, children infatuated with children, adults with seven evil spirits.

Duan said: red mouth main tongue, official non cut to prevent, lost property to find, pedestrians have panic

If the sick go out of the west, they need to guard against the curse and the plague.

5. Xiao Ji: when people come to celebrate, they belong to he Liuhe, and every one, five, and seven (belonging to the liver and intestine)

In Southwest China, the nobles attacked the army of the East. The children were frightened by their mother-in-law, and the adults had no master.

He said: Xiaoji is the most auspicious one. It's easy to discuss on the way. Yin people come to report the good news. The lost property is in the Kun side,

The pedestrian immediately arrives, hand in late is very strong, everything is harmonious, the sick bed is on the heaven.

6. Empty death: when the news is different, it belongs to the local gouchen, where the three, six, nine (belong to the spleen brain)

The noble people in the North invade the houses, the children suffer from the earth pestilence, and the adults oppress the wife.

Duan said: empty death is not long, Yin people are more perverse, seeking wealth without profit, pedestrians have disaster

The lost property can not be found, the lawsuit has criminal injury, the patient meets the dark ghost, the solution guarantees the health.

usage method:

1. If you want to predict something, you should immediately get the number when you think about it. You can get the number you want or see, such as license plate number, house number, telephone number, time, etc. you should first reflect the number you think of or see.

For example, if you want to ask a friend whether he is at home or not, his mind will move. If he happens to see that the time displayed on the mobile phone screen is 14:36, take 1436 for calculation;

2. Add the four numbers, 1 + 4 + 3 + 6 = 14, and then subtract according to the number of digits you take. The 4-digit number is subtracted by 3, and the 3-digit number is subtracted by 2. In this case, 1436 is 4-digit, so 3-3 = 11;

3. Divide the number just obtained by 6, and the remainder corresponds to the explanation of the lower edge (if the number can be divided to the end, the remainder is 6; for example, if the number obtained is 18, then the remainder is 6). In this example, 11 & divide; 6 & rarr; remainder gets 5.


Remainder 1: Da'an

The five elements belong to wood, the color is blue, and the orientation is Oriental (for example, seeking wealth from the East).

Lin Qinglong, the master of one, five, seven. It has the meaning of stillness, peace of mind and auspiciousness. The number here can be the first day of the first day, the fifth day of the third day, or January, may, etc. (note the lunar calendar), or one or five people or objects, etc., the same below.

Remainder 2: keep company

The meaning of the representative: people have not come back, things are difficult to accomplish, need to be repeated many times, there is no sign of seeking things, the lawsuit or official affairs need to be slowed down, the people outside still have to leave when they come back, the lost things are in the south, we can only find them quickly, there will be quarrels, and other things are not bad.

The five elements belong to water, black in color, located in the north, facing Xuanwu, where the main two, eight, ten. The meaning of delay, entanglement, procrastination and protraction is unknown.

Remainder 3: speed up

The meaning of the representative: people will arrive immediately, happy events will come to the door immediately, and you can quickly seek wealth (Lord's wealth in the South). The lost items can be found in the South or southwest. If you look for someone on the road, you can find it immediately. If you ask for the official or deal with the official affairs, you can succeed. The sick person can be cured, and the family and friends from other places will have news.

The five elements belong to fire, red in color, facing the south, facing the rosefinch, and the schemer is three, six, nine. It means fast, happy and auspicious. The time has come.

The simplest skill of pinching fingers to test good or bad luck

Remainder 4: chikou

The meaning of the representative: the affairs of asking for officials or dealing with the official affairs are fierce, the quarrel breaks out, the lost property needs to be looked for urgently, there are panic events in the outside relatives and friends, the domestic chickens and dogs are restless, some people curse and hate, the family members are ill, and there are accidents.

The five elements are gold, white in color, located in the west, facing the white tiger, and planning for four, seven, ten. It has the meaning of bad luck, panic, danger and right and wrong words.

Remainder 5: Xiaoji

The more things are lost, the better, the better, the better, the better, the better.

The five elements belong to wood, and they are close to six harmonies. The one, five and seven of the masters have the meaning of harmony and auspiciousness.

Remainder 6: air death

The meaning of the representative: there is no news from the relatives and friends outside. The villains often make mischief. They will lose money if they seek money. If they lose their belongings, they will never be able to find them again. Lawsuits or official affairs will lead to disaster, prison or criminal injury. The patient's condition worsens and everyone is absent, so it is difficult to make a plan.

The five elements belong to soil, yellow in color, in the center of the position, and are temporary to outline. The counselors are three, six and nine. It means bad luck, no result and worry.

Calculation tips: first, start divination immediately when you encounter something; second, don't make a divination when there is no matter; third, only make one divination, which is not allowed if there is more.

Zhuge Liang's horse lesson

Da'an: good luck, everything can be done, 5, 3, 8, you will get money, high school entrance examination, promotion, win, win, north, Jinxi.

Liulian: if you are in a bad situation, you can't do a big thing. If you don't count 1, 6, 7, you may lose money, lose, or be removed from office.

Suxi: Zhongji, great things can be done, great things can be achieved, the number of 3, 7, 1, 0, may win, get money, high school entrance examination, promotion, win northwest, gold.

Chi Kou: small things can't be done, small things can't be done, avoid counting 3, 7, 9, small failures, breaking money, falling, mistakes.

Xiaoji: Xiaoji, small things can be done, small things can be done, into the number of 2, 6, 9, small win, small win, small success.

Empty death: it's a great evil, you can't do anything, you can't do anything, you can't do anything, you can't count 4, 6, 8, you'll break your wealth, you'll lose, you'll lose, you'll be dismissed, you'll fall, you'll be jailed.