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What is it like to be irresponsible to love

[Abstract] the real society is full of many abnormal phenomena. Many enterprises are short of talents, but many talents can not find jobs. Many people lack love, but love is rampant! Some people can fall in love many times a year and have sex with many opposite sex. In the end, he (or she) is still asking why my feelings are not going well and when I can have a positive result. When I look at his (or her) face, he (or she) is a person who is not responsible for love. What kind of people lack responsibility for love?

1、 In terms of appearance:

1. The eyes are the windows of the soul. If the eyes are erratic, the eyes are indifferent.

2. The nose is the mate star. No matter how high or low the nose is, if the root of the nose collapses, the root of the nose is weak.

3. The face is the body, the nose is the wealth or the official, the face is big, the nose is small, the body is prosperous, the official is weak. He has a small face and a big nose.