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You are most suitable to marry a boy who was born in a few months

[Abstract] it is a very important part of Chinese traditional culture that a man should be married and a woman should be married.

You are suitable to marry a boy who was born in a few months

In agricultural society, because people's life, work and residence are relatively stable, and people's communication circle is relatively limited, it is much easier to marry. In the commercial society, people's life, work and residence are becoming more and more unstable. The circle of people's communication is also constantly changing. There are more opportunities for communication and more people to associate with, but it is difficult to get married. Even if they get married, because of the increasing divorce rate, they will not be able to come out of the besieged city and become the people to be married again. Therefore, people began to be cautious about marriage, hoping to find someone who is really suitable for them and hope that their marriage will not fail. And the excellent traditional Chinese culture -- the book of changes can help us find the answer in our mind. The eight character fatalism is a major branch of the book of changes. It describes the life course of a person's life by the date of birth, which is commonly known as destiny, including the fortune of marriage. In the eight character numerology, men take Zhengcai star as marriage star, and female take Zhengguan star as marriage star. To judge whether marriage is good or not, that is to say, around marriage star.

What kind of man is suitable for a woman to marry is the official star in the eight characters. (the Zhengguan star mentioned here is not the official killing according to other fatalistic theories, but is defined in my book "accurate broken eight characters").