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What are the birth years of pigs

Year of birth of pig: (the following are Gregorian calendar)

13:18, February 4, 2007 to 19:03, February 4, 2008

15:24, 4 February 1995 to 21:15, 4 February 1996

17:40, February 4, 1983 to 23:29, February 4, 1984

19:44, February 4, 1971 to 1:32, February 5, 1972

21:47, February 4, 1959 to 3:37, February 5, 1960

23:48, February 4, 1947 to 5:41, February 5, 1948

1:55, February 5, 1935 to 7:45, February 5, 1936

4:1, February 5, 1923 to 9:50, February 5, 1924

Part of the year of the pig

The fate of pig people in 2007

Born in 2007: a pig on the mountain, born in the house, this life is not very good at the initial stage. It is hard and tired, and has no help among the six parents. This life is a self-supporting life. Moreover, it is the best for children to be born late, and it is important to see them early. This life is a good person and likes to do good deeds. From the perspective of financial fortune, it belongs to the prosperous situation, and it will not be investigated. The weakness of this life is to rely on

The fate of pig people in 1995

Born in 1995: a pig of the past, a mountain fire life, a wooden pig, you are not bad hearted, easy-going, and everyone can get along in harmony, but you are prone to mishandling when you are in trouble. From the perspective of age, you have a disaster when you are young. You have a good husband and wife's palace. You can get married together. Your eyebrows are harmonious. Because you are loyal, you can live in the middle and old age

The fate of pig man in 1983

Born in 1983: it's a pig under the forest. It's a big sea life. It's not difficult to judge if you were born in this case. You're very formal. You have a kind of straight feeling. You don't like to say good words. You'd rather bend. Therefore, sometimes, you are willful and disobey advice. You will act willfully and know the wrong way. Only when you know how to regret, it is too late.

The fate of the pig man in 1971

Born in 1971: the pig in the circle is a gold pig. According to my analysis, you are a person who attaches importance to love and justice. You are gentle and kind-hearted, kind-hearted, willing to help others when you ask for help. You can't get money together in your early years. How much you earn and how much you spend, you have to start from the third step of the great fortune

The fate of pig man in 1959

Born in 1959: you are a Taoist pig. You have a good birth pattern. You have a good fortune in your life. You are naturally soft hearted and charitable. You are very popular. You are smart and smart. It's better to see your children later. I am resourceful and smart. I have stable food and clothing. I have few relatives.