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What is the fate of the monkey at birth

The fate of monkey man at birth

The monkey man born at 11-1 am in the middle of the night: because there is a pattern of Shen Jinsheng holding Zishui in the four pillars, the monkey man has rich food and clothing all his life, and has a happy life. At this time, there are friends to help you out. So in the cause of rapid development. And made remarkable achievements. Financial resources will come like a flood of water. But the monkey man born at this time, because of the villain's rebellion, will cause jealousy and obstruction in his career. The monkey man born at this time is hard to be an official all his life.

The monkey man born at 1-3 am: because of the ugly soil in the four pillars, he holds the gold medal. So he is happy all his life. A remarkable career. The monkey man who was born at this time has the help and support of six relatives at home. With the support of friends and noble people, he can make great achievements in his whole life. He is rich in food and clothing, and can enter into the wealth of all quarters. At this time, he was born, and his career was in other places, not in his hometown. The monkey people born at this time have courage and insight, courage and resourcefulness. We are free to advance and retreat. In his later years, he was rich.

The monkey man born at 3-5 am: due to the pattern of Shenjin in the four pillars restraining yinmu, the monkey man's life is half full of happiness and sorrow. The monkey man born at this time, with the help of his father's generation, is elegant and talented, has great energy and can enter the official career, but can not become a real power figure. It can be said that the monkey man born at this time has a rough marriage and is hard to find a satisfactory lover. There are even divorces. Fortune is not stable, sometimes there is a small fortune.

Monkey man born at 5-7 a.m. due to the pattern of Shen Jin restraining Mao wood in the four pillars. Although I don't worry about food and clothing, there will be unexpected twists and turns and ups and downs, but there is not too much disaster in life. He will be helped by his six relatives. However, the younger generation is not filial. Generally speaking, they are well fed and well-off, especially in their later years.

Monkey people born at 7-9 a.m. are born in the four pillars, holding the gold medal pattern, so the life of the monkey man is half happy and sad. The monkey man born at this time has talent, ability, intelligence and support from friends and noble people. The business can be carried out smoothly, but it is difficult for the enterprise to develop for a long time, and it will encounter sudden financial loss. The monkey man was born at this time. He was forthright. He didn't think about things carefully. He was blind. So he couldn't avoid failure.

Monkey man born at 9-11 a.m.: due to the fire in his life, he restrained the way of Shen Jin. Therefore, in the journey, there are virtuous people and rolling tongue children. There are both happy times and ups and downs in life. The monkey man, born at this time, has a successful life, but not for a long time. The six parents' help and support are very small, and they will quarrel with many people in their life. Money is easy to get and easy to disperse. There is a big contrast between the ups and downs of life. When you are supported by a noble person, you can be a storm for a while, but when you are not lucky, you are left out. However, if you are born at this time, there will be no major disaster or disaster in your life.

Born at 11-1:00 noon, the monkey man is gradually satisfied and seeking success. Someone who goes abroad is respectful and valuable all his life. If you want to ask him for news, his career is prosperous, his family is prosperous, his annual transportation is rich, his spring flowers are spontaneous, the wind is light and the rain is light, the middle-aged is in bad luck, the flowers are transferred to pick up the fragrance of osmanthus, the husband and wife grow old together, and their sons and grandsons are prosperous beyond 80 years old.

Born at 1-3 p.m., the monkey man: this life is upright, open and talented, and refuses to rest. His six brothers and sisters are not able to do well. His family has no foundation. His fate is complicated. He can't gather money. He is good at grasping money. There is no money struggle. This life spider web, the morning round night is not round, do several times failed, can only steadily start a family, who knows that the wind blowing, the initial limit is like the moon was invaded by clouds, 30 outside is just the sun again opened, the final delivery of the end of luck is expensive, gradually prosperous.

The monkey people born at 3-5 PM: they have more happy events in their life, and their life-long good fortune is greater than their bad luck. The monkey people born at this time, their parents, brothers, sisters, husband, wife and children can live in harmony and have little conflict. In their career, they can get the support of six parents, friends and noble people. Their career is successful and their benefits are good. However, the monkey people born at this time will make mistakes in making friends and will be criticized by others. It will also cause innocent losses.

Monkey man born at 5-7 PM: because there are peach blossom evil spirits in the four pillars. Therefore, the monkey man is graceful and unrestrained, which is popular with the opposite sex. Often date with the lover, in the flower before the moon, put lover in the cot lonely. Having an affair alone. The monkey man born at this time is smart, free and easy-going. His parents and brothers can get along well. In his career, the monkey man born at this time will cause troubles, misunderstandings and even lose money and be demoted.

Monkey man born at 7-9 p.m.: he is a man who can guess more than he can, and his mind is ingenious. His ancestral home is withered. Leaving his hometown can become a family business. His brother has little strength and is multifarious. When he goes abroad, he is supported by noble people. He has no punishment in his life. There is no great difficulty, but there is no merit in saving people. You should complain in kindness and despise talent in righteousness. Money is easy to gather and easy to disperse. You can't gather money in your early years, but you will be satisfied in your later years.

The monkey man born at 9-11 p.m.: because of the pattern of Shen Jinsheng holding Hai water in the four pillars. The sun and stars shine in life. So things will be successful. The monkey man born at this time can get the help of his father's generation and the support of his confidant in the foreign society. He can succeed in his career, and has good assets. However, the monkey man born at this time will encounter two or three disputes and lawsuits in his life, which will cause him to lose money, but will not affect his fundamental interests.