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How to face the junior of marriage in 12 constellations


Generally choose to burn incense and worship Buddha, or talk to elders or experienced people.


I don't like to find someone to complain. I will go for a walk in the library or park, or even in a quiet place without smoke.


I don't like being stuffy, and I don't want to be with my family. I like to be with my friends, drink, sing and even travel.


Lock yourself up, no one will see, and occasionally chat with strange netizens, slowly find their own solution, just don't like others to disturb.


Do not like quiet, like noisy places, and even like to make a big noise, we must vent our dissatisfaction in our hearts, otherwise we will go crazy.


I like to call my family, talk about my daily life, or go to exercise and sweat. I slowly tell myself to relax. After a long time, I'll be fine.


A person or a few friends go to the bar, in a place full of wine and wine, lose yourself, get rid of troubles, and then face everything with a calm and rational attitude.


I will communicate with my girlfriends for a long time, even complaining. After complaining, I know what I should do. I will slowly make the most rational and calm choice.


When they choose to travel, they can relax completely by themselves, but not escape, because some things still need to be solved. When they go to relax, they give themselves and their partners time to think.


Escape, can escape, can escape, can not escape to find others to shield, their own things do not face, but ask others to participate in, in the end it is difficult to deal with, or even completely out of control.


Chatting with mom, or elders, obediently listening to the opinions of their elders, is their own fault, correct, not their own fault can endure, the overall situation is more important.


I like to complain with my sister or brother, tell them the truth, and chat with my elders or colleagues when I have something to do. I seldom live alone, otherwise I will be more worried and entangled.