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You don't know the star girl's performance after marriage


Perseverance and bravery will be discounted, and sometimes even retreat, close to malaise. If you really love them, you need to be inclusive, not critical or attack.


Maybe you think that after marriage, they become hypocritical and more vain, which is different from the performance outside. Yes, actually they are very tired outside. They really love them. At home, they should take off their masks and have a good rest.


They often contact with their old lovers or classmates. They can't explain anything or do something they shouldn't do. They just miss the old days. It doesn't mean that she doesn't cherish you now. It doesn't mean that she doesn't love you anymore. Be generous and stay with her through this uneasy stage.


How can they become so nagging when they are gentle and generous before marriage? Yes, they are. This is their love for home, even with some neuroticism. Understand it, in fact, everyone's expression of love is different [].


Why are you so domineering before marriage? After marriage, you become a person. You are gentle and careful. You think more about things. You are not so rash. Is this Leo? Yes, it is still Leo. This is just another side of Leo. People will always change. Everything will change.


They pursue perfection, demand high, love to be clean, but there are also dirty times, they often make themselves very tired, tired just want to close their eyes to sleep, no way, too tired, no energy at all, understand it, it is difficult for them to stop for a while.


They have been indecisive and swing from side to side. How can they become so firm and persistent? Especially after marriage, they seem to have changed into a person and a constellation. You don't know each other. You don't feel mature before. But this way of talking and doing things gives people a lot of pleasure. Not good?!


I feel that they were so careful and rational in the past, but they are also sensitive, and they are easy to be moved by some floating clouds. But you should be careful and be careful of the Scorpions' revenge. If you take advantage of them, you may suffer a great loss later. Remember!


Sagittarius, who has always been free and romantic, sometimes changes after marriage. He becomes lazy and doesn't want to go out for a walk. He doesn't want to travel. How can he be so homesick? How can he be so homesick? I really don't understand. There are wood and mistakes in the end. Yes, people are always tired.


How can you be so indifferent after marriage when you are so submissive before marriage and have such a strong sense of responsibility? Sometimes you still act very decisive. Why is this? Is this really you?


Before marriage, she is so steady and steady. She looks so gentle and virtuous. How can she look like this after marriage, especially in bed? God~~~~