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What constellation women have more abortions after Valentine's day

On Tencent's blog, I occasionally saw an article with a high click through rate, entitled "how many women go to abortion after Valentine's day." the article said, "judging from the statistical data of hospitals around the country, March of every year can be called" abortion month ". In one to two months after the Spring Festival and Valentine's day, the number of abortions has increased significantly, basically young women before the age of 30. In the past year or two, post-90s girls have obviously become the main force in abortion month. The reason is that impulsive sexual behavior will surge in the special atmosphere of Valentine's day, which is the highest incidence of one night stands in a year. Material, flowers, sweet love words, are all easy to attract impulsive demons! If young girls do not know how to protect themselves, it is easy to be hurt physically. Unexpected pregnancy is one of the most common troubles... "Now, let's also analyze, to see which constellation of these abortion girls will be more.

Third place: Aries girl

There is a bravery and persistence in this constellation, but it is mixed with impulse and some irrationality. They may claim that they are reserved and careful in advance, but they just say that. In fact, they are eager to try in their heart. Aries girls are simple, straightforward and like romance. You must cherish the friends around them They Oh, and must protect them, they can not be rational, you must know how to care for them, oh, do not hurt them because of impulse, otherwise you will regret for a lifetime

Number two: Leo girl

This constellation is no less brave and persistent than Aries, but they are overbearing and unreservable to love, but no one can beat them. They are generally in good health. You seldom see that they are uncomfortable, and even have few colds. They have good requirements for sex life, and their desire is also strong. Of course, they are also very passionate. The boys who love and pursue the lion are in the Valentine's day show love, show passion and romance, but you must take it easy, lions can do nothing, you are different, you as a flower protector, remember safety first, responsibility is great, otherwise horse carelessness, you can regret for life

First place: Sagittarius girl

This constellation is also very brave, they like to pursue freedom, like unrestrained, like passion, like romance, like surprise, like fresh, like exciting, like colorful, like Valentine's day, the most romantic, the most pure love, like this constellation of boys are not simple, we also believe that you can give them everything they need, but What you need to give them is security. This is the expression of real concern and care for them. Otherwise, I promise you will regret all your life. In fact, it's very difficult to be a flower protector. Who can't ask God to inject the power of love and pursuit into the boys