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How old is the constellation man

How old are you going to be when you are crazy;

Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn:

30-35 years old, when the child is born

About 30 ~ 35, that is, when a child is born, he wakes up. Because after the birth of the child, he sees that the number of bills has become more and more. He suddenly finds that he has a sense of responsibility. He suddenly finds that the child's name is his father, which is a lifelong responsibility. When he sees a child fall, he will feel distressed. Therefore, under the pressure of money, he will become more mature and work harder to earn Money, more enjoyable, more serious social intercourse with the boss, is to help the family to earn a lot of money, so the three children will begin to have signs of change when they are born.

Aries, virgin, lion:

36-40 years old, after middle-aged crisis

When he was about 36-40 years old, that is, when he was in a middle-aged crisis, no one paid any attention to him, no one said he was handsome, and his company sister did not flirt with him. When he only chatted with the young and handsome men in the business department, the three were a little lost. They were better for their children or their families. He transferred all aspects of his career center to his home, and his family's attention to him was his achievement Feeling, at this time, he will grow up, which means that he will grow up only when he is frustrated.

Cancer, Libra, Pisces:

41-45 years old, when children grow up

The sense of responsibility is a little low, and his own commitment is not enough. When the child is about 41-45 years old, he turns to take care of him. When he sees the child in his 10's playing baseball, he suddenly wakes up, or sees the child suddenly goes to school. After attending the graduation ceremony, to a certain extent, he suddenly feels: "yes, I'm really old. Why are the children so old Come and take care of me and ask me to eat more nutritious things! "So these three children will slowly wake up when they are older or even have a family and business.

Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius:

45-60 years old, I can't get old

It belongs to giving up. If he is rotten, please cut it off as soon as possible, because he is 45-60 years old, that is, he can't mature until he is old. Even if he is 70, 80 or 90 years old, he will still flirt with his mother x next door. He thinks that when the child is old, he can make money for him, so he is very happy