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Do you really know Cancer man

Cancer man

I don't know what kind of cancer you meet. They are basically divided into two categories according to the external feeling: one is gentle and kind, and the other is awkward and critical, which makes people feel difficult to do.

But no matter what kind of person he belongs to, when you really get in touch with each other, you will find his personality uncertain and unpredictable. Sometimes he is gentle and considerate, sometimes indifferent, sometimes kind and kind, sometimes harsh and inhuman. However, as long as he is a cancer man, he must have a gentle and sensitive heart. His changeable, not personality, but his emotions are too easily affected by external things, want to really understand him is not an easy thing.

Protecting yourself is a cancer instinct. He seldom let you know him too much at once. He seldom expresses his emotions or feelings naked. He instinctively protects his fragile and sentimental heart, you have to give him a lot of security. Most cancer men are shy and afraid of rejection. Even if he is in pursuit of you, he will try to be as if he is not pursuing you.

When he calls to make an appointment with you, he seldom cuts into the topic immediately. He always talks with you for a long time and goes around several circles before he says, "I heard that there is a new Italian food which is good. Shall we go to eat together?"

The pursuit of cancer is not aggressive, and his attitude is always gentle. But if you really can't go, or you don't want to go out that day. The way you refuse him must be very tactful, otherwise, you are likely to hurt him. When he is upset, there may be two reactions: one is to hide in the shell like a hermit crab, and the other is to bite people with tongs like a big crab.

Cancer man is very concerned about other people's respect for him. If you are a careless girl, you may often not understand why he suddenly pulls a face. He is too sensitive. A contemptuous look from you or a joke may make the cancer lover who is hard to mention courage hide in the shell immediately. I'm afraid it will take a lot of effort to make him brave again.

If you are an acute girl, then the pursuit of cancer may make you a little impatient. He may call you several times a day, eat with you at night, take a walk with you after dinner, and then take you to his home to show you all his awards, photos and collections from childhood to adulthood. After reading all of them, it's time for you to go home. If you're a shy and reserved person, you'll have to repeat this program countless times. I sincerely suggest that if you really like him, you might as well take a little initiative and give him a hint of 'obvious' (really' obvious', otherwise the shy Cancer man will still feel uncertain). The relationship between you will progress very quickly. You'll soon see his passionate side.

Gentle is the only way to get along with a sensitive and emotional Cancer man.

When your relationship has developed to a certain stage, he will feel uneasy when his feelings for you are getting deeper and deeper. He will test you again and again. He likes you to prove your feelings for him. Don't be impatient. All this shows that he really cares about you. He is the most careful and considerate man when he feels safe.

When you are upset, crying and coquetry are better ways. Few cancer men can lose their temper in a pair of tearful eyes. You can reconcile immediately, and often win without a fight.

Don't yell at him with a fierce face. As a result, the damage is often more serious than the original disagreement. He will feel that you do not respect him, do not love him, you from the plaintiff to the defendant, may often happen. It's hard to please a cancer man when he is angry. Please don't ask for trouble.

To marry a cancer man is a light hearted thing. First, he is a family man who likes to do housework. But don't cross your legs to watch TV in the living room when he does housework. It will hurt his heart. Please look at him with gentle and grateful eyes around him. He will do it very hard. He is very money minded. Most cancer men are much more interested in making money than spending money, because money often gives him a sense of security. He is not stingy, but he won't like you to spend money to buy some worthless things. If you spend a lot of money on popular accessories, he will feel a little wasted. He would rather help you buy a diamond, because the diamond can at least 'preserve value'. For him, the sense of value is very important. You'd better cultivate your correct idea of spending money.

By the way, don't throw away his old things. For the nostalgic cancer, an old book or a broken alarm clock may be his priceless treasure. I know a lot of cancer men have a hobby of collecting, some collecting antiques, some collecting matchboxes.

It's a great pleasure to tell people about the source of his collection. You'd better share his hobbies. If you're not interested, at least don't nag at him when he repeatedly brings out the old things to enjoy.

It is a kind of enjoyment for him to remember the past people, things and things, and it is also a habit that can not be changed in a lifetime. Actually, you should be happy. For nostalgic him, you may be more valuable as you get older! Many cancer men have attachment to their mother. Gentle mother may be the biggest dependence in his growing up process. In the process of your communication, you may hear him mention: "my mother & hellip;".

Don't be unreasonable to be jealous, don't deliberately take the opposite attitude. If you are smart, you'd better not create problems with your mother-in-law. You should respect your mother-in-law and let him teach you how to take care of your crab. Isn't it that turning resistance into help? Occasionally, you may feel lack of sense of achievement, because cancer men usually take good care of themselves. Almost every crab man I know has his shoes polished and the lines on his shirt and trousers are flat and neat. They are often better at housework than his wife. If you are eager to help him do these things, he may think you are not fast enough, not good enough. Don't be angry. You should be happy to be relaxed. But remember to praise his ability and show his willingness to serve him. You will have a relaxed and happy life.

Always remember that gentleness is your most powerful weapon.