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What constellations do the characters in journey to the West belong to

1. ARIES: Red boy, naughty, simple, love to play with fire, ladula will not come.

2. Taurus: Bull Demon King, simple and honest, lovely, sometimes very angry, emotional.

3. Gemini: Monkey King, pure and good nature, naughty and active, has a good ability, and light material, heavy feelings.

4. Cancer: sand monk, easygoing, perceptual, quiet, hardworking, team spirit.

5. Leo: Pig Bajie, greedy and lustful, material reality, charmingly naive, no big wisdom, a lot of small abacus, bullying soft and afraid of hard, but it has its lovely place.

6. VIRGO: Tang monk, with noble morality and fraternity, is not afraid of difficulties and obstacles in order to realize his ideal of life. He takes Sun Wukong as his apprentice and brings out a good team, but sometimes he is easy to be emotional.

7. Libra: Apricot fairy, one word, beauty, two words, amorous.

8. Scorpio: the white dragon horse is eccentric in nature and has distinct love and hatred. After the emotional entanglement, he is enlightened by Buddhism, and his realm has been improved. He has changed his stubborn and eccentric character and is determined to follow the master and apprentice team to the west to learn Buddhist scriptures.

9. SAGITTARIUS: Erlang God is a member of the Tiangong team with high strength, modest and low-key. Through the phenomenon, he can see the essence of the first-class level, open-minded, regardless of the past, and help the learning team to avoid danger.

10. CAPRICORN: Taibai Jinxing belongs to the Tiangong team with Erlang God. He is amiable. No matter how you play monkey, I am not angry. What do you do with me?

11. AQUARIUS: Iron Fan Princess, charming expression, hook people's eyes, sharp words, floating soul...

12. Pisces: Nezha, together with Erlang God and Taibai Jinxing, belongs to the Tiangong team. He has shown his talent since he was a child. In the foreign animated film "Nezha makes trouble in the sea", he is even more domineering. Catching the Dragon Prince is like playing with earthworms. The film finally shows his precious spirit of self sacrifice.