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Jimi's quotations that can make twelve constellations move

1. It's sunny outside the Libra window, and it's still raining inside.

I smile, does not mean I am happy.

I don't hold an umbrella just to keep out the rain.

You never know what I'm thinking.

I want to hug everyone, but I have to warm myself first, please bear with me.

Because I've been practicing tolerance.

Every day in the maintenance of their own elegant demeanor? In the face of annoying people, you practice smiling every day; in the face of annoying things, you are always willing to accept

2. When you are happy, you will feel a little frightened.

Tears in the flow of tears.

I can't believe in pure happiness.

He is calm and uneasy about the period of life.

The world is changing so fast, will it be mine to hold it in my hand? Restless, or uneasy. I need your arms, even if it's just a little while, it's really warm.

3. All the sadness of Sagittarius will leave a trace of happiness.

All regret, always leave a perfect corner.

I'm in the ice deep sea, looking for the gap of hope.

But wake up in the middle of the night, suddenly catch a glimpse of the beautiful moonlight.

Why we are trying to walk, but the front is more and more dark, where should we go? Even the darkest corner of the world, there are also willing to shine on your stars, and lead you to find the way ahead.

4. It's going to be dark in Aries, and the last sunset will soon disappear.

In that game, we were totally defeated, and we left in despondent silence.

Let's make the gesture of victory!

Who will remember that frustrating game years from now?

We can only see our brilliant smile in the photos.

Do you remember the one you fought on the court? Do you remember the guys who played football and wrestled together? Everyone was still there, but no one ever went back to the stadium.

Leo thinks that with wings, it will become a bird,

I think that after becoming a bird, you can have * *,

Now, with the wings of hope,

But only in a small space, flying, lost * *,

I still don't understand,

Want wings, fly, or * *,

Or just a feeling of pursuing flying.

Has your wish come true? But you are still so depressed that what you want has been put in front of you. Was it wrong at the beginning, you misunderstood yourself, or have you changed?

6. It takes a second for Taurus to meet someone,

It takes a minute to get to know someone,

It takes an hour to like someone,

It takes a day to fall in love with someone,

It takes a lifetime to forget someone.

The back that once left you is still lingering in your mind? The footprints left on the way of growth are deeply engraved in your heart!

7. Gemini's eyes have different opinions.

The same ear has a different way of hearing.

The same mouth has different words.

The same heart has different ideas.

Is it because of this, the same life has different sorrow.

Friends around us have different troubles, but every time we are talking to ourselves, we seem to have no understanding and are not willing to listen to each other's complaints, leaving only boredom and impatience.

8. I feel so embarrassed when the music of Capricorn awards starts.

The first person, over excited, shocked, sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, unable to receive the prize.

The second person, unconvinced, refused to accept the prize.

The fourth place person, because is not the top three, has no face to accept the prize.

The fifth person said, "the fourth one doesn't accept the prize, so I'm sorry to accept it.".

The third place is really lonely.

Is the process more important than the result? Is it the first competition & hellip; & hellip;

9. Pisces is hungry and starts eating,

Eat full, start to miss you,

I feel sleepy and start sleeping,

Open your eyes and start thinking about you,

At the moment when the night was low, nothing happened & hellip; & hellip;

I haven't been in a daze for a long time. When was the last daze? When was the boss scolding me fiercely, or when I forgot to pay for my food?

10. The stars that Scorpio can't pick are always the brightest.

The fish that slips away is always the most beautiful.

Missed movies are always the best to watch.

Lost lover, always know me best.

I never understood what this was all about.

Don't always take the things you like home, your home can't put down, your heart also can't put down. Let them stay where they were. When we think of them, let's remember them together.

11. Virgo

On the day when I was closest to the moon, the moon told me a secret. He said that she was actually the sun;

On the day when I was closest to the moon, I told the moon a secret. I said that I was afraid of heights.

There should always be a place in front of you and then love.

Do not know who it is, do not know how to love, do not know how long can love.

Just waiting for love once, maybe there will never be anyone, but this kind of waiting is love itself.

12. Aquarius is not a fish. How can you understand the worries of fish.

Fish are not birds. How can they understand the happiness of birds.

Birds are not human beings. How can they understand the absurdity of human beings.

Man is not a bird, how can we understand the bird.

Birds are not fish. How can they understand the depth of fish.

Fish are not human, how can we understand the childishness of human beings.

You are not me. How can you understand me.

I always believe that there is a person in the world who is different like me. I don't know where she is, but I can feel it, so I don't care if the people around me understand