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Which constellation men will find a spare in love

In this more and more realistic era, simple love seems to have become the yellow flower of yesterday. Some boys just can't see the girls who yearn for pure and beautiful love. Although they have beautiful women around them, they still will not give up pursuing other girls and looking for a spare tire, which is also called as "prepare for trouble".

Number one: Virgo

Spare tire index

He is said to be a virgin male accountant in the constellation. He can be astonished by his careful calculation. If he meets a very good person when he is in love, it is just like letting him give up the blue chip stocks. Some virgins are honest and honest in appearance, but in fact they are very "cunning" inside. They are looking for better people at any time and place. If he is not sure, he will make a comparison unconsciously in the process of communication, and then all the high-performance stocks will be included in his spare tire team.

Second place: Leo

Spare tire index

The arrogant lion man knows that he will be hurt when he breaks up, but he always thinks that he is the only one who can dump others, and he can't let others dump himself. If they are dumped, it will not only be as simple as injury, but also cause humiliation. So arrogant people will not let themselves lose so ugly. Of course, the most effective way is to find a good spare tire in advance, so that even if they are dumped, they can immediately let everyone understand how he can hang in a tree.

Third place: Libra

Spare tire index

The graceful and graceful Libra boy has a fatal weakness of indecision. Even when he is in love, he can't refuse to have super friendship communication with other girls, and finally he has a warm and ambiguous feeling. Even if he says that he only loves his girlfriend, he will not cheat or cheat, but in fact, as he said, the girl who keeps a good relationship with him has become his spare tire to some extent.