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Which constellations are the most vulnerable

"Who are the most vulnerable in their hearts?"


The sun and moon are in Pisces - as long as there is a connection point, it can evoke sadness. For example, a song, a certain color, a hamburger, a movie, or a scene or a similar familiar feeling can turn on his emotional switch


The second sun, moon in Virgo - has explained himself many times, or is unwilling to mention the bad experience is his cover door. It's boring when it's mentioned or overturned. For example, when his mother ran away from home when he was a child, he would brainwash himself and say that his mother must have something but love me. As a result, one day you tell him that his mother doesn't love him, he will become very sad


Third, the sun and moon are in cancer - particularly vulnerable in foreign countries, strange places and single rooms