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Which constellations make good friends

No.1 [Sagittarius] vs [Aries] (valuing friends)

Whenever you call, you will have a party, such as flying back from the United States to attend a child's marriage, or when you are in trouble, he flies from Jiayi to Taipei to see you. And usually meet must eat and drink, television advertising is. No matter you are at the end of the world, as long as he thinks you are, he will always be good to you all his life.

No.2 [Scorpio] vs [Virgo] (commitment and Privacy)

12 constellations pay more attention to the commitment of the constellation Capricorn, Scorpio, but Capricorn remind are more hard tone or overbearing, Scorpio does not like, Virgo remind more pertinent, will help you to analyze, so can.

The above two people attach importance to privacy and will not ask some boring questions. For example, when Scorpio just divorced, Gemini Libra wants to know how? When Aries sees your domestic violence being beaten, he must ask you how? Why? What happened? Do you want me to find a lawyer for you? Virgo will wait until he wants to talk.

Third place [Gemini] vs [Libra]

If you don't come, it won't matter. Next time, even if you don't see each other for 3 years, you'll recover after 10 minutes. There will be no embarrassment, no words and estrangement. Capricious so remember to do anything can, Gemini like surfing, Libra will not die, he will go to see or read on the beach, absolutely not boring.