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Countermeasures against the 12 constellations in spring

Now it's spring, but a wave of spring cold and fierce attack, there is a sweeping north and south, freezing the East and West. So, in this cold wave, how will the people of the twelve constellations react? Please follow us to have a look!

Is the cold snap coming?

Seventy two hours before the arrival of the cold wave, the weather forecast just reported, Aries winter clothes are thick, armed by Quanfu; wearing a big cotton padded jacket comparable to the polar bear, standing in the warm sunshine before the cold wave comes, sheep can't stop looking at the sky: cold wave, are you coming?

Cold current: Well, sheep, you are not in a hurry. Can't I take a taxi to look for you?

Taurus: more exercise than clothes

God, my cow has just pressed my winter clothes into the box. When the cold current comes, don't I have to rummage again? Anyway, it's better to wait for the cold wave to come. I'll do some push ups. Isn't this the same effect?

Cold current: you really can calculate.

Gemini: do I want to add clothes?

The cold wave is coming, but it will be sunny and windy. Should I add clothes? I can't make up my mind when I look at the sunny day and listen to the radio in my ears. Finally, shuangshuangshuang decided to put on thick clothes, but they found that people all over the street looked at each other: the boy is sick!

Cold current: it's OK. I'll come next year!

Cancer: a big shelter for the poor in the world

My God, the cold wave is coming. How many poor people are going to be frozen in the world? The big crabs born for love must not sit idly by