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Which constellation is heartache after falling in love with


It is often said that Aries, who are fond of the new and dislike the old, will have great frustration when they meet the more impatient Gemini and Aquarius.


When Taurus meets a gentle and fickle Pisces, Gemini, or an elusive Sagittarius, they are often scarred.


When Gemini meets Virgo who doesn't understand amorous feelings, or Taurus Scorpio who can't understand your jumping thinking, it's easy to get big head.


Like the stability of cancer met with no qualitative Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries, is to meet a super big enemy.


Leo is often picky, but most hate to meet the object that can not be mastered, when meeting Scorpio, Sagittarius, who are extremely smart and can not master, they will kick to the iron plate.


Virgo, who likes sacrifice and dedication, often feels helpless when meeting ungrateful Sagittarius and Aquarius. Why don't you give it to him?


The gentle Libra likes to be accompanied by others. It's easy to break your heart when you meet an independent Aries or a less intimate Sagittarius.


Scorpio is most afraid of meeting a mortal enemy. The lion and Sagittarius with bad temper and personality will make Scorpio love and hate.


Sagittarius is usually very open, for the feelings of things are rarely so concerned, but met the amorous and flowery Gemini, Pisces, Libra, I am afraid that will be unable to resist.


Capricorn knows how to protect themselves. You are afraid to meet Aries or Sagittarius who are more selfish than you.


The proud and indifferent Aquarius always thinks that he can eat well, but when he meets the indecisive Libra or Taurus, he can only blame the eight characters.


You can see the tenderness of Pisces, but when you encounter Sagittarius and Aquarius who don't like to be fettered, they always fall into flowers and deliberately flow mercilessly.